What You Need To Know About Google Play store

Google play store is an online app marketplace. It combines Google Music, Books, Movies, and Apps into one entertainment hub. It is a type of digital distribution platform for mobile phone. The  Apps are designed to install on specific devices of operating systems such as Android, iOS, macOS, windows.

What You Need To Know About Google Play store



Here’s the scoop

Google Music,  Android Market, and the  Google eBookstore were combined to form Google Play store. Not only will you purchase apps at play.google.com, music, movies, and books, but those items will also be stored in the cloud. You’ll have the capacity to do a similar thing on your Android phone or tablet utilizing the different Google Play applications.


The two goals – mobile and Web – stay synced. Thus, when you buy an application, book, movie, or song on the Play website, that content will turn out to be instantly available on your Android phone tablet. Similarly, if you rent a movie on your Android tablet, it becomes available for viewing on your desktop, too. those purchases you made won’t take up storage on your computer, tablet, or phone. since it’s cloud-based.

Things You Can Do With Your Google Play store

What You Need To Know About Google Play store

Downloading and managing apps

The main thing you will need to do while getting an Android phone is downloading new applications, or re-installing ones that you already had on another phone. It’s not something difficult for you to do, and there are a lot of tools to enable you to get there.

Sharing and review apps

When you’ve downloaded a new application, you might need to share or review it with your friends. The reviews will then help the developer with data or feedback for their progress, and sharing helps spread the message.

Downloading and sharing movies, music, and books

Google Play isn’t just about applications. There are movies and music in which you can always watch online and if you which you can download them for free into your device, But some are not free you can always purchase or buy it. You can also purchase the most recent books from your most favorite writers!


Sharing apps and movies through Google Play Family Library

What You Need To Know About Google Play store

Caring is sharing, and Google understands this fact. They know that whenever we purchase anything in google play store be it movies, music, books or application we will always want to share it especially with are loves once, our family members.No wonder we have google play family library, which allows sharing your favorite paid apps, movies, and books with members of your Family Library.

New features in 2018

In 2018 there is some great feature of the google play store and one of such is the ability for users to try beta versions of their favorite app.soon that is going to be very easier.

Another great feature is the dynamic delivery which is for both developers and users : Before the apps download all the files needed for all languages, architectures, and resolutions,  but in 2018 apps are now able to download only the files needed to make the app run on their specific device.

We have  App Slices. A case of an Application Slice is the playback controls for a video application; we can simply locate this content in places like the search bar.