How to Erase iPhone Data Before Selling

Deleting memory clogs and unwanted junk files and clearing unnecessary cache items is the best way to increase the speed of your iPad or iPhone and gets it running quicker than ever.

Also, if you want to sell your iPhone and upgrade it with new version, then you must clean up your device before you want to sell to another user, otherwise the buyer can have easy access to all the content in your iPhone Earlier it was easy to clean up the files from your phone by just pressing ‘reset’ button used to do the job but now the process has become more difficult as the iPhone comes with wallet, security, and cloud-dependent features like Apple Pay, Activation Lock, and iTunes in the Cloud. Removing everything from your iPhone and clearing from Apple’s servers need extra work.

The iPad and iPhone are the best and user-friendly devices, but, still, they get clogged with junk when you are using it for a longer time. The device will be filled with memory hogs and unwanted files. This can gradually slow down your device, and ultimately you need to remove all the clogged memory and junk from your iPhone so that it can run faster. Here you can find some of the best ways to clean up the junk from your iPhone.

Method-1: Remove the Safari cache for iPhone
The first step is to start cleaning the Safari cache. But, you should know that once you clear Safari, it will log out from all the websites that you have signed in earlier.

Just follow these simple steps to remove the Safari Cache on yur device.

How to Erase iPhone Data Before Selling
Step-1: Go to the settings app and find the 5th group of options that contain Accounts & Passwords on the top. Select Safari located on the bottom. Now, choose “Clear Website data & History” and press clear option.

Step-2: Remove app data: You can remove the data stored by other applications using the UO (usage option) in settings. Now, go to Setting and choose General and under that select iPhone Storage. On the bottom of the screen, you will see the apps that are stored by the amount of that they took to store. Now, choose the app that is taking a lot of space in your iPhone.

Step-3: Now, delete the app, verify, and then go the App store and then re-download it, the installation will be clean without any documents and data.

Method-2: Permanently Delete Data from iPhone without Recovery
Another best method to delete all data and memory hogs from your iPhone is by using a data eraser software. Here i recommend the SafeWiper , this software will remove all the unwanted data from your device and restore the device as a new one. However, you must use this tool carefully, and the program features allow you to erase all the data from iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc. You can do this easily , including messages, contacts, photos, call logs, videos, etc.

Here is how to permanently delete data from your iPhone:

Step-1: From here to download the software into your computer and connect your iPhone to your computer.

How to Erase iPhone Data Before Selling
Step-2: Erase iPhone Data eternally. When the software successfully find your iPhone, On the software function to select “Erase deleted files”Key to start removing the data permanently from your iPhone, then click the “Scan” button.How to Erase iPhone Data Before SellingStep-3:Once the iPhone is scanned , it can gives you all the iPhone data ,you can select these data that you want or all of it . The removed data cannot be irrecoverable, so you should be careful and check before pressing the delete button.

How to Erase iPhone Data Before Selling
Step-4: Erase iPhone deleted data. Keep your iPhone connected until the end of the deleting process, and it does not take a long time.

How to Erase iPhone Data Before Selling
Method-3: Clear all Settings and Content on iPhone
The best and the simplest method is clearing your iPhone within the settings app, which you can find on the bottom of the Menu. Now press Reset, and press Erase all settings and content.

Now you will be asked to provide your iPhone password, it will remove all the data and media and clear all settings. If you click on the Erase iPhone button, then the iOS will ask you to provide your iClound password.It will remove everything from your iCloud account.

How to Erase iPhone Data Before Selling

Before selling iPhone , You can use any of these methods to remove the unwanted data from your iPhone easily. my friends all agree that method 2 works .
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