How to Make LemonGrass Essential Oil

Although lemongrass essential oil can be bought from supermarkets, it can be fun and exciting to do it yourself. It is not very difficult and it can become a hobby. Lemongrass can be grown at home in our herb gardens which makes it very easy.

The lemongrass essential oil that is being processed at home will not have the same quality compared to what is being produced outside. The reason is that the lemongrass essential oil being produced in a company makes use of machinery. While at home, you might not have access to that. By following these methods, you will have something to use as a substitute that can still give you the same lemongrass essential oil with incredible healing and medicinal properties.

How to make lemongrass essential oil

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There are two methods that can be used in processing lemongrass essential oil but we are going to take a look at only one method.

Items you will need in producing Lemongrass essential oil

  1. Fresh 4-5 lemongrass stalks (depending on what you want)

Fresh lemongrass stalks always go along with the best fragrance. These stalks can be gotten from your garden or you can buy them. The essential part of the lemongrass is the stalk because it contains the oil that is needed in manufacturing lemongrass essential oil

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2. Mortar and Pestle 

If mortar and pestle are not available, just find anything that will help you crush out the oil. You can even pinch the stalk with a pin so that it won’t destroy the stalk.

3. Large Glass Container 

If you want to make use of the second method, the glass container should contain all the oil that will come out from the lemongrass and the carrier oil.

4. Carrier Oil (lemongrass oil)

A carrier oil is used to dilute essential oils so that they are safe to use. Some of these carrier oils are jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, or coconut oil. It is advisable that you pick the one that has a pale color with a mild scent so that the lemongrass can still be effective.

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These are the things that are needed for the first method

  • Double Boiler (Lemongrass essential oil): When a double boiler is not available, you can improvise by placing a bowl over a pot with water.
  • Mesh Strainer/Cheesecloth (Lemongrass essential oil): A strainer in your kitchen can be used, as long as the holes are not big to allow any of the particles leak through. A cheesecloth or coffee filter can be used if you are going to make use of the first method.
  • Dark Glass Bottle (Lemongrass essential oil): This is where your lemongrass essential oil will be stored. They stay fresh when they are stored in a dark glass bottle. The bottle that will be made use of should be clean and all the particles inside should be thrown away, so that they won’t affect the essential oil.

Instructions for Lemongrass essential oil

Method 1 (Hot Method)

  • Remove any leaves from the lemongrass because it is only the stalk you will need.
  • Wash them and chop them with a knife into a one-inch section.
  • Then place them in the top of the double boiler.
  • The lemongrass and the oil should be heated for about three hours in the double boiler.
  • The wine press can be set up on a high surface and set so that the lower part that has a plastic tube won’t destroy the jug.
  • Begin pouring the lemongrass essential oil through the wine press with the cheesecloth holding the rim of the wine press.
  • Once all the lemongrass essential oil has been poured, they can be stored in a dark glass bottle and store in a cool place that is dark.