How to Start a Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria

How to Start a Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria

Dry cleaning business is a very lucrative business. Highly rewarding if you know your way around. Do you want to start Dry cleaning business in Nigeria? Currently the world population is set at almost eight billion people and about one-eight of that figure fall in the working class bracket.

As a result of this,most of the people in this class have virtually no time to carry out simple tasks on the home front like making their food,doing dishes, cleaning their homes and fixing their laundry. this in turn created jobs for other people,and one especially has gone on to become a multi-billion dollar spinning industry, the dry cleaning business.

There is almost no one, except a few special people, who will not love the feel of neatly washed and freshly ironed clothes on their bodies. I for one feel it boosts my self-esteem when I wear a freshly laundered clothes,and I know alot of other people who do as well.

However, as much as most people love it they hardly get around to doing their own dry cleaning, most are overly busy during the week and on weekends instead of doing laundry, they prefer to rest, see movies or hang out with friends.

This leaves an opportunity begging, who will do their laundry? This has opened a door to several dry cleaning businesses springing up, especially in Nigeria.

Dry cleaning business in Nigeria(Laundry Service Business Ideas Available in Nigeria)

How to Start a Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria
1) General dry cleaning: This involves washing clothes, ironing them and adding starch if there is need for it. This business continues to flourish because most people are just too lazy to handle their dry cleaning themselves.

2) Just ironing

3) Home services: Some people are skeptical about how their clothes are being treated while some have special chemicals they require to be used on their clothes but they lack the zest to undertake the task themselves. The dry cleaner can offer this service at a higher cost and make some good cash for himself.

 (Dry cleaning business in Nigeria)Different Types of Dry Cleaning Business

1) Laundromat: A Laundromat is described as a self-service laundry business where individuals take their clothes to wash and dry themselves. There are several washing machines on array and the machines are usually operated using coins. This kind of business is more popular in developed countries. It is also known as coin wash,coin laundry or launderettes.

2) Staffed Laundry: This kind of business involves employing staff to assist customers in different forms. They could sell items such as washing soap to the customers,provide change, watch to ensure that clothes are not stolen and they could take up the task of doing the laundry on behalf of the customer.

3) Wash and fold: This is aspect pf the dry cleaning business is most prevalent in Nigeria.It involves customers dropping off their clothes with dry cleaner who washes and irons them for the owners to come and pick up on an agreed date. Some dry cleaners even offer services like pick up and delivery, making it more convenient for their clients even though there is a little extra charge.

How to Start a Laundry Business in Nigeria(Dry cleaning business in Nigeria)

How to Start a Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria
1) Take some Laundry and Dry Cleaning Courses
2) Write a dry cleaning business plan in Nigeria
3) Register the business name and obtain the necessary permits
4) Siting the business
5) Equipment needed to start a Laundry business
6) Publicize your business

Known Facts About the business
1) Dry cleaned clothes tend to lastlonger than hand washed clothes.
2) Not all stains can be blotted out, no matter how much you try.
3) Sometimes, clothes could get damaged.
4) There is a possibility of clothes losing shapeor shrinking.
5) Services determine prices.


The above guide can help you in your journey towards starting a dry cleaning business in Nigeria irrespective of your financial status.