How to use ATM Debit Card for Online Payment

Many businesses and institutions that operate online make use of ATM debit card for online payment. In Nigeria today, there several online payment gateway platforms that can be done online. As a result of this, many web designers have been able to create an outlet for this on their website. Examples of this ATM debit card for online payment are Visa Card, Master Card and Verve Card.

However, most websites don’t provide guidelines that will help those that want to make use of their ATM debit card for online payment. The main objective of this particular topic is to throw more light on how to make use of ATM Debit Card for online payment. Before we get started, there are some terminologies that someone can experience when he or she makes use of his or her ATM Debit Card for online payment.


Terminologies in ATM Debit Card for online payment

Some of these terminologies that one might experience when using ATM Debit Card for online payment are:

  1. Soft token of the Debit Card: This is a onetime secret code that is meant to be used once. The soft toke is being created at the initial time you start a business transaction online on a site.
  1. CVV Number: This stands for Card Verification Value and it is a digit number (xxx) that is being found at the back of the debit card. The reason why most sites ask for this CVV number is that they want to be very sure that you are the owner of the Debit Card.
  1. Card Serial Number: In Nigeria, we have three major ATM card firms and they are Master Card, Visa Card and Interswitch. Most of the ATM Debit Card for online payment is being given out Nigerian banks. For you to identify the kind of card you have, you need to check the card to see the logo. In every ATM Debit Card for online payment, their serial is always at the front of the card.

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  1. Personal Identification Number (PIN): This number acts as a security for your Debit Card and the bank gives it to you when you first get your Debit card. This pin also allows you to make use of your card to withdraw money from ATM.

Basic steps in Using ATM Debit Card for online Payment

  1. Click on the Payment Button: In any products or services that you want to buy online, there’s always a payment button that allows you to make payment. When once you click on this, it takes you to the next page.
  2. Selection of Payment Type:  The product or services you want to pay for, you will see different options that will help you to choose the type of payment that you want to use for your online payment and from there you can proceed.
  3. Enter the Amount: At this stage, you have to type in the amount of the goods or products that you want to pay for. They might even ask you for your email address when you get here.
  4. Select Your Card Type: All you need do as a buyer is to select an option that fit the type of card you owe. Most indigenous sites make use of Naira Master Card, Interswitch Verve Cards or Visa Card. Then for foreign sites, they make use of Visa Card and Master Card.
  5. Fill in Your Debit Card Details:
    The main page for the payment itself will appear. Here, you are to fill your card details. You need to accept the terms and conditions of the card you are using before you fill in details of your ATM Debit Card for online payment.

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Things to fill from your ATM Debit Card for online Payment

  1. Card Serial Number: This number is found in front of the ATM Debit Card. This number is always a 16-digit number
  2. Expiry Date: The date for the expiration of your card is at the back of the ATM Debit Card.
  3. Entering Your ATM Debit Card PIN: This is the pin that the bank gave to you when they gave you your card initially and it is the same pin that allows you withdraw money from the ATM. They are always 4- digits.
  4. Your Card Verification Value (CVV): This is a 3-digit number behind your ATM Debit Card. If the numbers are more than three, then the last 3 numbers are your CVV.
  5. Click on the payment button: After you are done with all these details, you can click on the payment button. Then an SMS which contains a one-time-password will be sent to your mobile phone that is connected to your account. If you are making payment on an indigenous site. You can enter the password that has been sent to your phone on the security box. Then for a foreign site, you can type in your sort code.

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Keynotes when using ATM Debit Card for online payment

  • Don’t refresh the page or click the back button while payment is still processing.
  • Open a new tab or page when an error occurs and start all over again when using ATM Debit card for online payment.
  • When your transaction is successful, you will get a text message from the site
  • An online site that doesn’t require soft code should not be used for a transaction.