How to Write a Successful Ice Block Business Plan

Do you wonder how to start ice block business? In this post, we have prepared a lot of interesting information about this topic. Read on to know the details of this business, see how to develop a good plan and find good clients.

The demand of ice block business Nigeria Ice blocks are an excellent means of cooling that is why the demand is so blooming. All around Africa people need cool water, sometimes there are problems with electricity supply, and refrigerators do not work, in this case, ice blocks is a great idea to cool food and drinks. That is why this business is becoming more popular. It is very important to make a research on demand and business idea before writing the ice block business plan. Most days of the year in Nigeria the weather is hot, the temperature can rise to 40°C. Such conditions lead people to drink more water, and we know that chilled water is more refreshing. Most people have refrigerators and water coolers at home, but vendors of chilled drinks use ice blocks because it is much more convenient for them. That is why the more people need chilled drinks, the more ice blocks you can sell.

Ice blocks are a convenient and fast way to cool every product. The fridge cools slow, the freezer is usually limited by size, but ice blocks give you the ability to cool everything in a short period of time. One more factor that increases the demand for ice blocks is unstable electricity situation. This is a problem of all the continent, electric power infrastructure is not so developed. That is why people decide to use ice blocks for household cooling needs. Ice blocks are cheaper than the generator, and this is a positive fact for ice block business. We can see the rising trend of outdoor activities and events in Nigeria. This trend is another opportune to boost your ice block business. The people at such event need more chilled drinks that is why your ice blocks are needed. The organizers of such events are regular customers of ice block sellers. No one will drink warm beer at the party, so use this opportunity to develop your business.

Successful ice block business plan

Successful Ice Block Business Plan in Nigeria

Now you know the main factors of the demand, so this is time to tell you how to start ice block business in Nigeria. Basic things:

  • Water

Actually this is the most important material of the business. You need to freeze ordinary water at the temperature below zero degrees. It is necessary to find a source of clean and fresh water. Notice that the blocks will have some contact with products that is why you can’t use bad water.

  • Packaging;

Often, seller of ice blocks uses polythene nylon bags. This is the way to hold the blocks even in the melted state. The bags help in handling and transportation of the blocks. The important point is that the bags give you the ability to put your logo or brand name at the blocks. This will highlight your product among ‘unbranded’ and ‘faceless’ competitors.

  • Ice block making machines.

These machines are not so complex equipment. It works as deep freezer with high cooling capacity. The containers shape the water, and the freezer turns it into ice. Depending on your budget you can choose the machine from the variety of options.

You should pay attention to such characteristics of the machine:

Capacity: some machines can produce even 100 blocks at a time. The price of the machine depends on capacity.

Freezing time: This is an important factor, the time of freezing usually depends on the rating of the compressors.

Compressors: compressors of the machine affect the hardness of the ice. There also can be a different number of compressors.

  • Generators

Unstable electricity supply is a reason why you need good generators for your business. The voltage is often not stable that can be harmful to the machine. The capacity of the generator depends on the capacity of freezing machine.

Five tips for successful ice block business

The success depends on the volume of sold blocks. That is why it is better to sell the blocks in high populated areas. Crowded streets, busy roads, markets all these placers are good for your business. It should be mentioned that during the rainy season the weather is cooler and the need for cold drinks reduces. So you can reduce the quantity of produced blocks during cooler or rainy months of the year. Target habitual consumers. Find the clients who need constant supply of ice block. It can be householders, businessmen, organizers of parties or events. You just should meet their needs in the best way.

This business is not so hard to start, that is why the market is full of competitors. You just need to be smarter than others to make your business successful. All the ice blocks producers have almost the same product, so you should work with your location, clients, and price. Your equipment is a heart of your business, so you should treat it right. Costumers will not wait till you repair your freezing machine. That is why you need to watch for the technical state of the equipment. Here are our tips and recommendations concerning ice block business. As you see there is nothing difficult, all you need is good equipment and clients. Try this business and tell us about your success.