What You Need To Know About Samsung Mobile Phone

What You Need To Know About Samsung Mobile Phone


Samsung is such a long-standing company and is said to be the great king of the mobile world.  Samsung has grown into a massive electronics and mobile empire, the Samsung company was founded in the year 1938. and Throughout those years Samsung has grown significantly and has brought a lot of development into countless markets, doing more dan just manufacturing electronics and mobile phones.

Samsung’s has a very interesting story of their growth. , It is full of the weakness and the strength of their business. In this article, we aim to explore a little, some of the more interesting facts about this company and what we need to know about Samsung mobile phone, one of their product.


Samsung was destined for greatness from day one, or at least its founder thought so.

Lee Byung-chul is the rightful founder of the Samsung company. and he strongly believes that his little business was a start os something much bigger. The name Samsung reflects the ambition of the founder, the name of this company is derived from a Korean word same meaning (three) and sung meaning  (stars) the three stars symbol (三星) is said to culturally represent something “big, powerful and numerous”.

Samsung company was just a pretty claim that was nothing more than a trading company of 40 employees that was initiated into the creation of noodles since then, Samsung company has really grown big as the day passes by. Is no more that little noodles company we use to know.they have grown into another interesting fact.


First CDMA phone

The Samsung SCH-100 cell phone was launched in 1996, and the Samsung  SCH-100 cell phone was the specific first mobile phone to use CDMA innovation. All things considered, being the first to utilize a standard that numerous see as inferior and restrictive to GSM likely isn’t a lot of a boasting right today, but at the time, CDMA was another innovation and in the days before fast 4G/LTE technologies – actually had some real advantages over GSM.

This won’t be the situation any longer, but rather Samsung still merits a few props for its willingness to attempt another standard.


Samsung was one of the first to jump into the smartphone game, long before Android and iOS

What You Need To Know About Samsung Mobile Phone

Samsung may not be the first to make a smartphone using anyway, yet they were one of the primary players to really get forceful about the market and introduced the main “PDA mobile phone” with a color display in the US market in the year 2001. Called the SPH-i300, this terrible kid was designed for Sprint’s network and kept running on Palm OS and had every one of the elements of an ordinary PDA, with the special reward of making calls.

so, basically, Samsung  SPH-i300 can be considered as the first smartphone for the US market. wow, right from that moment Samsung has grown so fast in terms of technology.imagine, below is the top-rated Samsung mobile phone for 2018.

Top Rated Samsung Mobile Phone 2018

Today you can concur with me that Samsung company is among the greatest players in the mobile phone market on the planet. It the have manufacture smartphone running Tizen OS, as an alternative to its Android-based mobile phone.

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Samsung Galaxy S8

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