Top 10 Features of Google Home

Google released their competitor to Amazon’s product. Aptly named, Google Home, the Google Home Assistant can help you in amazing ways you might not have realized at first. Below are Top 10 Features of Google Home that may come as a surprise;

  1. Use Touch Commands:

It comes equipped with touch-sensitive technology which knows where your fingers are and can register many gestures. You can tap the top to pause and  music and sliding your finger to the side opens up the volume control.

  1. It can be used as a Speaker

It comes equipped with a Bluetooth speaker. However, connecting to your phone and playing playlists it’s not limited to only. It can connect to many music streaming services, like Spotify and Pandora. Not only that, with an integrated chrome browser on any computer, you can easily connect your computer to it and use it as a desktop speaker.

  1. Access the News from 1851:

It has a database of news headlines dating back to 1851. All you have to do is request for the news on any specific day. It will then read the headlines of that day and summarizes the news contained in that article.

  1. Turn Your Lights On or Off

It is advertised as the central hub for all your smart devices. If you have compatible lights such as the Phillips Hue bulbs, then you can ask it to turn off and on the lights for you without pressing a switch.

Top 10 Features of Google Home

  1. Get an Uber

When you connect your Uber app to Google Home and specifying a few settings, you can ask it for an Uber and one will drive right to your house in a matter of minutes.

  1. Play 20 Questions:

It is connected to Akinator, – an online version of 20 questions. You simply think of something, and Akinator, via Google Home will ask questions to narrow it down. It’s perfect for when you are bored or want to keep your kids occupied.

  1. Integrate With Chromecast:

If you have Chromecast, Google’s home TV option, then you can use Google Home and voice commands to control it. You can ask for specific videos, or tell it to rewind, forward, or skip to a specific time.

  1. Cook Recipes:

This is probably one of the most useful functions, it can look up over five million recipes via several databases such as the New York Time and Food Network. The Google Home Assistant will go through the recipe step by step and you can even ask it for conversions and ingredient substitutions.

  1. Keep A Shopping List

Google Home has a lot of functionality in the kitchen. If you notice you’re missing something, simply ask Google Assistant to add the item to your shopping list. That shopping list is automatically sent to any integrated phone or smart device.

Top 10 Features of Google Home

  1. Find Your Phone:

With just a simple phrase, Google Home Assistant can make a call to your phone to help you find it. If your phone is on silent or vibrate and is compatible with Google Home, it will even come out of silent mode in order for you to hear it ringing.