Top 20 Disadvantages of Technology You Need To Know

Top 20 Disadvantages of Technology.

The disadvantages of technology far outweighs the advantages of technology considering the state of technological inclined systems.Technology has in many ways made life easier for human-beings. It has proved to be a great deal in the development process of culture and society.

However, too much of anything is bad. Technology should be used with due care and caution only for the purposed that are of benefit for humanity.

As promised in our previous article “20 top advantages of technology”, we will now consider 20 top disadvantages of technology in this article.

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Disadvantages of technology
  1. Exposure to radiation

Due to advances in nuclear technology and the use of radioactive elements in production of nuclear energy for consumption. The nuclear product from the process is not good for the body as the radiation from those product induces various kind of chronic diseases.

Top 20 Disadvantages of Technology You Need To Know
Nuclear reactor

2. Untimely Death

Some humans meet their untimely death because of improper use of high speed sports vehicle, plane crash, train derail, etc. These are some of the disadvantages of technology.

Top 20 Disadvantages of Technology You Need To Know
Plane crash

3. Explosives

Nobel started the first set of explosives used in the second world war. The number of lives claimed by the explosive technology is unprecedented.

4. Weaponry

There is a popular saying that says “Soldiers don’t win wars, scientists do.” That statement is true because the weapons used by soldiers are products of technological research. It has become an easier way to assassinate humans as most people in possession of weapons use it in wrong way especially in Africa and Asia.

Top 20 Disadvantages of Technology You Need To Know

5. Poison

Most people die due to food poisoning. It may be added to one’s meal by someone else or eaten unknowingly like lead poisoning. Poison came into existence as a result of technological research.

6. Drug Abuse

Technological research in medicine has led to the discovery of drugs like codeine which is used for treatment of cough but most youth in Africa are abusing it as it is used for highness. Same goes for the pain killer (Tramadol) which has been abused as s*x stimulant.

7. Global warming

The temperature of planet earth has increased compared to what it used to be about a century ago. This is due to the continuous burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, farming, etc. Our habitat, planet earth is under serious threat due to the disadvantages of technology.

Top 20 Disadvantages of Technology You Need To Know
Global warming


8. Oil Spill

When drilling of crude oil(Petroleum) is not properly monitored and different safety/precautionary methods are not properly followed, Crude Oil spill is always the result of that carelessness. When the oil spills, farmlands are destroyed, aquatic lives are lost, humans life are at risk. It is one of the biggest disadvantages of technology as experienced in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

Top 20 Disadvantages of Technology You Need To Know
Oil spills

9. Cyber Crimes

Due to advances in information technology, some people have engaged in various forms of cyber crimes ranging from scamming to hacking of people or organizations website for fraudulent purposes.

10. Poor Reading Culture

Students nowadays don’t study again, they depend on copy and paste from Google, and other search engine and blogs for ready made information thereby inhibiting the purpose of studying as a student.

11. Electrocution

Electricity is one of the greatest invention of all time but when not properly put to use can lead to an untimely death as electrocution kills in most cases.

12. Pornography

Due to advances in video production and easy assessment of such videos online, pornography has been brought to almost everyone in their living rooms even underaged children that stumbles over it unknowingly during academic research.

13. Pollution

Our environment has been heavily polluted with technological research product such as damaged electronics, polyethylene, industrial waste, etc. These wastes pollutes our air, land and water thereby endangering our lives.

Top 20 Disadvantages of Technology You Need To Know
Polluted Environment

14. Diseases

Some of the diseases we sick is as a result of excessive exposure to technological research products like X-rays which kills our body cells slowly and continuously as we keep exposing ourselves to it. Lipstick contains a poisonous substance lead whereby continuous use of it will lead to bio accumulation and a future sickness or death is imminent.

Other disadvantages of technology includes

15. Terrorism

16. Human Trafficking

17. Modern Slavery

18. Stealing

19. Unemployment

20. Corruption

As we make use of technology, may we avoid the improper use of it and maximize the positive aspects of technology.