Top 5 office chairs to buy

We spend too much energy and time thinking about what device or computer will work best, but very little time thinking about what we’re sitting on. If you spent more time thinking about what case you need for your phone than what you sit on every day, then you may soon be in need of a comfortable office chair.

Here are the Top 5 Office Chairs to buy.

Herman Miller Sayl Chair:

The Sayl is reputed to be one of the most beautiful office chairs in Herman Miller’s stable. Customers who love the Sayl Chair highlight its comfort and complete ergonomic support. Most satisfied customers use it in conference rooms, informal settings, and home offices. If you are a big person, this is not a full-time chair for you. The Sayl is a good bet if you want a gorgeous chair that is priced to sell.

Steelcase Amia Chair:

The Steelcase Amia Chair is one of the highest ranked when it comes to overall satisfaction. This is a chair with comfort you feel all day long. Although the Amia may seem ordinary compared with other chairs on the list, it makes up for it with awesome comfort. An good number of happy Amia buyers cited its great comfort and easy adjustments as positive qualities. However, a few percentage of users thought it was uncomfortable and expensive.

Herman Miller Embody Chair

Top 5 office chairs to buy

For comfort, ergonomic design and performance, the Embody Chair cannot be defeated. Though expensive, it has a 12 year guarantee. A lot of testing has been done on this chair, and it is really designed for people who like to work with either a slight or major recline. You can sit in an upright posture and still feel at home, and you get the most utility out of the Embody Chair when you’re working in a reclined position.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair:

The Aeron Chair is one of the most sought after chairs in the business world. It has broken all the commonly held rules when it comes to analyzing a product’s life cycle. It’s in a class all by itself. The top reasons people love the Aeron Chair include its comfort, support, and styling. The Aeron is an icon for a reason. It’s comfortable, it’s cool looking, and it is well designed.

 Steelcase Think Chair:

The Think Chair continues to be one of our top-selling Steelcase chairs from generation to generation. It’s no wonder the Think has a solid ergonomic heritage and, naturally, is given a nod by many customers for having plenty of adjustability and fine-tuned comfort. “Perfect” was a common word used by a large percentage of happy customers. The Think fits comfortably in the mid-high range of fully-featured task chairs and is given high marks for its ability to accommodate a wide range of body types.