Top 5 spy gadgets for your kids

Children always have their minds occupied with lots of intrigue, discovery, and the desire to observe and report all of their findings. Just like the way we can easily catch our cheating partner using a spy app, they are more or less little spies, searching for new intelligence and passing them back to you in the hope that you’ll be able to help them decipher the ever-thickening plot of their lives. This is a fun and educational style of play in which you will want to introduce more complex games and toys as they improve on their investigative skills.

Spy gadgets and gear are both mesmerizing and utilitarian for your child, giving them the ability to communicate and observe secret worlds around the home that they might not otherwise have access to. They might fly a drone to get a bird’s perspective of your property, or share a two-way radio with you or their friends in the neighborhood to more effectively pass intel. This sort of play puts them at the helm of their own discovery, encouraging them to learn and improving their observation skills for a more competent future.

Spies really do have cool technology. With the items on this list your child will be able to feel like James Bond when they step out to play, they’ll be totally discreet and undetectable.

Below are the Top 5 Spy Gadgets and toys available for your kids:

Dart Trap

Your kid will feel like the king of spies with this dart trap. It uses motion sensors to fire plastic darts at unsuspecting intruders to keep them away and stun them while your child makes their next move. The enemy will never be prepared for the barrage of darts!

Top 5 spy gadgets for your kids

Spy Video Trakr

This is the ultimate spy gadget for your kids! It’s completely RC and will allow your child to get close to the enemy without having to worry about being caught. It lets them see and hear all the action and even has some cool built-in features like night vision.

Video Walkie Talkies

Your children will feel like part of a team when they talk to their ally with these video walkie talkies. They transmit video communications to each other in a range of up to 160 feet. Just press the activation button and they’re ready to go.

Spy Night Goggles

The darkness of the night can be an advantage and a true friend to any spy. These night goggles will allow them to see in even the darkest of nights. They have a strap to keep them comfortably in place and LEDs to light up their path for hands-free spying.

Top 5 spy gadgets for your kids

Stealth Com Walkie Talkies

Every spy knows how important it is to have both hands free and available at all times. These hands-free walkie talkies will allow your child and their spy partner to communicate clearly without having to fidget. They’re whisper sensitive too so they won’t be caught by making too much noise.