Top 9 Apple Products You Need to Know

There are so many Apple products you need to know out there. This boils down to what you want to buy and what you want. Apple products are so distinct in terms of appearance. Their products are always on point. Many people are now buying different apple products because of its quality.

Top 9 Apple Products You need to Know

Apple products you need to Know

1.   Apple Products You Need to Know: Mac Pro

Mac Pro is a sequence of server and workstation computers that have been designed, manufactured by Apple Inc. in the year2006. The Mac Pro is a powerful computer that Apple has to offer because of its speed and performance. Its model is higher than other desktop computers such as iMac Pro, Mac Mini, and iMac Pro.

2.   Apple Products You Need to Know: AirPods

These are wireless Bluetooth earbuds that are made by Apple. They have new user interfaces; for example, if an AirPod is being taken away from a person’s ear, it can cause playback to pause. This device requires running at minimum 10.2. They function through iCloud so that the user can make use of other devices that have the same Apple ID.

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3.   Apple Products You Need to Know: iPhone SE

This smartphone has been well designed and sold by Apple Inc. as part of the iPhone in the Apple series of devices. On March 21, 2016, it was unveiled at Apple’s headquarters and then released on March 31, 2016. The phone came out after iPhone 5S was launched but it came out with an upgraded processor, rear camera and also support iOS 10 and iOS 11 software features.

4.   Apple Products You Need to Know: MacBook Air

The MacBook Air falls under the Macintosh subnotebook computers ND was developed and produced by Apple Inc. It has a machined aluminum case, full-size keyboard, and a thin light structure.

Since 2011, the Apple device has an Intel Core i5, i7 CPUs solid-state drive storage, and Intel Core i5. A MacBook Air with an 11.6in (29.46 cm) screen was made available in 2010. It is one of the thinnest and lightest laptops made by Apple.

5.   Apple Products You Need to Know: iPod touch

This is an iOS-based mobile device with a touchscreen that has a controlled user interface that is designed and marketed by Apple. This can act as a video and music player, game device and digital camera. It is labeled as “iPhone without a data plan”. The only it can connect to the internet is through the use of Wifi. The current iPod came out on July 15, 2015. New products of iPod touch with 32GB and 128GB were introduced.

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6.   Apple Products You Need to Know: Apple Time Capsule/AirPort

The AirPort Time Capsule was called Time Capsule initially. It is a wireless router with network-attached storage. It has been tagged as a backup appliance by Apple. It first came out on January 15, 2008, and was released on February 29, 2008. The AirPort Time Capsule has been upgraded a quite number of times. The latest model was introduced in the year 2013 with 3 TB hard drive.

  1. Apple Products You Need to Know: Mac mini

This is a small desktop computer that was manufactured by Apple. It has 7.7 inches (200 mm) square and 1.4 inches (36 mm) tall. The weight of mac mini is 2.7 pounds (1.2 kg). The Mac mini is among the other desktop computers such as iMac and Mac Pro. It was first shipped without keyboard or mouse during the iMac era. The server version of this computer was introduced in October 2009.

  1. Apple Products You Need to Know: iPad mini

As iPhone gets bigger, the iPad mini’s case becomes weaker. This is doubly so if the OLED iPhone 8 ships with the rumored 5.8-inch display. The iPad mini is also getting outdated, with the September 2016 update being only a storage bump.

There are also some pretty strong rumors that suggest Apple is getting ready to drop the iPad mini from its lineup.

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  1. Apple Products You Need to Know: Apple Smart Battery Case

A $99 silicone case with a 2000mAh battery sandwiched into it doesn’t make sense when you can buy bigger and better (and more ergonomic) power banks for a lot less.