Making DSTV payment ones used to be a worrisome situation, as one will have to visit and queue up at various Multichoice offices to get this done. All thanks to modern day technology which brought about the easy payment method by doing it at the convenient of your home via a simple online clicks.

DSTV has under gone changes in the past years, with the latest being the new DStv Explora Decoder. The evolution in the decoder did not only have to do with consoles and programme content, but also, ways of making quick and easy payments have also changed:
One can now renew his or her DStv and GOtv subscriptions without lifting a leg, literally. All you need is your your ATM card, phone and your smart card number. Very simple.
Here, we will take a look at the various online means of making DSTV payment without stress.

Top Ways to Make DSTV Payment Online

DStv website: Of course, the first option of paying for DStv subscription is by logging on to the official website of the company to make payment. By agreeing to pay for DSTV subscription this way, you need to do the following:
First, log on to DStv website. Then choose the country of residence and enter the specific Smart card number.
Click on VERIFY.
After this step, you will have to go through the payment summary page by clicking on VIEW BALANCE AND PAY. There, you will see the amount of money meant to be paid.
Click on PAY button.
Once this is done, you will notice the Payment Subscription page with some details about your account.
Choose eTranzact payment option and BankIT then enter bank account number.
After that, a generated 6-digit password will be given to you.
After filling it in, click on submit, after which you will call *389*00# with the Bank account registered phone number and receive the OTP code.
Enter the OTP in the appropriate space then selcect PAY.
This time, the payment response should state that the transaction is successfully completed. This happens to be one of the fastest and easiest means of making DSTV subscription in Nigeria.
VTpass can also be used in making convenient payment for the following: Internet Data bundle subscription, Phone Airtime Recharge, Electricity bills (PHCN) and many other services.
It offers subscription renewal of all the DStv packages which includes Compact, Access, Family, Premium etc
Payments via is processed immediately without any hinderances.
To make payment, all you need is a mobile phone or a lpatop then follow the few steps below.
Click on “What do you want to do” then select “Pay TV subscription”
On the second level, click “DSTV Subscription”
Select your prefered option (Dstv Family, Access, compact ,etc)
Fill in the required information;
Click “continue” and you will be redirected to the confirmation page displaying the details of the transaction you are about to make.
Then Click on the payment option of your choice.
Select your card type, the acceptable card types are Mastercard, Visa card and Verve Card.
Enter the required details and click “Pay”.
The required information are Card Number, Expiry date, CVV2 and card pin.
N/B: you must have an active ATM card for online transaction. If your card is not active, you may not be able to complete the transaction.

Quickteller IVR Voice Call: This is also simple and happens by dialling 08139851090 on your mobile phone and following the voice instructions. You simply pay for your DStv and GOtv subscriptions by inputting your ATM card details and your smart card number as required.
Completing transaction with Quickteller IVR system, it gives you the option to pay with your registered card i.e your Verve card must be registered for Safetoken or the option to Pay at
So dial 08139851090 now and save the number for futer purpose!
N/B: Telco IVR call rates may apply.

PAGA e-Pay: PAGA e-Pay platform is another wonderful way of paying for DStv subscription. This is how it works:
First of all,visit he official page of PAGA e-Pay and log in your details. Different online payment options for your country will show up. Then select Paga e-Pay and continue the payment procedure by following the instructions.

Quickteller: Paying for DSTV subscription online is easier with Quickteller. This online platform is associated with the integrated billing system and is very simple to operate.
To begin, you have to switch your decoder’s status on your account from connected to disconnected. Then visit, log in your details and select the DStv after which you will input your mobile number, email address and smartcard number. Fill in your name as it is on your DSTv subscription and confirm your smartcard number, then select pay and click on your type of debit card, either Interswitch, MasterCard, Verve. Fill in the card details eg. card number, expiry date and the 4-digit PIN of your card. After this, click on pay. The subscription wil be successful and access to DSTv will be granted.