What You Don’t Know About Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 is already known for its basic features which are 16MP camera with awesome features, a fingerprint scanner, a 5.1” FHD Super AMOLED display, a built-in heart rate monitor and also it’s IP67 certified Dust and Water Resistant. The Galaxy S generation Samsung is well packaged and scrutinised with full reviews, still there are some features in the phone people are yet to discover. while the company makes it a priority to make their new products more attractive with the S Health app and fingerprint scanner, there are variety of interesting softwares introduced to the Galaxy S5 which we should know about.

Here are a few apps or features you probably didn’t know about the Samsung Galaxy S5.

You can write on it with a Pencil

What You Don't Know About Samsung Galaxy S5

Here, we talk about the highly sensitive touch sensor feature of the phone, the sensor is so sensitive that it can recognize a tap, writing or a swipe from a pencil.

Tilt for a Customized PlaylistTo set up a playlist, it requires some time since it is an art form. It could be a little bit challenging sometimes to get that done. But when you are in the groove, the last thing you want is an inadequately shuffled list of songs to ruin it.

Bookmark for Your favorite Apps with ‘Toolbox’

This is a small widget that opens and closes like a mini-folder or app-drawer. It can be moved around anywhere around the screen due to its small round nature. Simply place your favorite applications here and access them quickly whenever you need them.

Use Any Object As A Stylus With Enhanced Touch Sensitivity

This app enables you to use just about anything as a stylus, there is no need to go purchase one. Smartphones are meant for finger touch and this makes the phone awesome. But it’s nice to use a stylus when our hands are too cold to pull out of our gloves or too filthy to feel good about. With the use of stylus, the Galaxy S5’s Enhanced Touch Sensitivity allows you to use anything in touching the phone, what this means is, any object can be used in touching the phone, but we should be careful not to let objects that could harm the phone touch it.

Multi Windows

This enables us to run two apps side-by-side for super multitasking. Some phones are meant for getting single tasks done, it can be so annoying when using a phone and have to be jumping from one app to another. For instance, when playing music or in a text message chat or conversion but trying to watch a YouTube video, Multiwindows will enable you to run this two apps concurrently and can even adjust the size of the two apps for comfort.

Keep Everything In The Reach Of Your Fingers With One-Handed Mode

What You Don't Know About Samsung Galaxy S5

What this feature does is to shrink the size of the home screen or current app to give chance for easy access no matter the size of ones hand. A big phone is sometimes very difficult to handle with one hand. All thanks to Galaxy S5’s One Handed Mode that can shrink the current size of the app and can allow us to reach everything with ease.

Kids Mode

Friends are not the only people we keep our things away from, but our kids too. Most parents grant their children access to their phones just to make them happy, that doesn’t happen without them being worried about what the kids will do with the phone. Samsung launched a new ‘Kids Mode’ on the Galaxy S5 which makes your phone safer for/from kids. With a cute UX design, Kids Mode provides fun and safe content for children.

Enable Camera from the Lock Screen

Galaxy S5 now features direct access to the 16-megapixel camera from the Lock Screen so that users don’t have to miss those crazy photo opportunities that pop up at the most random times.

The phone also comes with download booster that combines the power of Wi-fi and 4G LTE connection to download movies, music and other files super fast.