10 Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android

10 Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android

At some point all successful people have to face the truth – you can’t build a business alone. There are limits to what you can do in 24 hours and you shouldn’t waste your time on tasks that can be done by anyone else. The rule is simple: streamline everything you can.

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While outsourcing is still one of the best ways to stay productive, you don’t always need to hire someone else. Some of the tasks can also be delegated to and through your smartphone. It can help you to save more precious time, automate tasks and stay well-informed.(1)

Here are some of the most useful assistant apps that will help you to declutter your life and make your phone the best personal assistant ever.

1. Hound

Available for free on Android and iOS.

Hound happens to be the fastest and also the most accurate independent voice assistant which initiates help to deal with daily tasks. Take For example, it help to locate a hotel, hail an Uber, play your favorite music, check news, send messages or deliver the weather reports. It can also recognize your natural voice and even works with a very complicated queries like planning a night out, calculating numbers or mortgage estimates.

2. 24me

Available for free on Android and iOS.

24me is a smart personal assistant app that gets you organized. It puts all of your notes, calendars, tasks and accounts together in one app so that you can manage them more easily. Besides, you can pay your bills, receive smart alerts, add notes, tasks and meetings using your emails or voice and send micro-gifts for the upcoming birthdays.

3. Hello Alfred

Available for free on iOS.

Hello Alfred is the only app that takes care of your weekly chores. You can book a personal assistant to do your laundry, groceries, clean your apartment, take care of your pet, plan a party and many more amazing things. Install the app to see if it’s available in your area (only for US users) and how much will it cost you to get certain tasks done.

Photo Credit: Android Authority

4. Butleroy

Available for free on Android and iOS.

Maintaining healthy work-life balance is important. Butleroy is a calendar assistant which helps you to schedule appointments faster and find time for the things that matter. Besides, it can connect to services and manage your digital life, make restaurant reservations and call you an Uber.

5. Lyra Virtual Assistant

Available for free on Android and iOS.

Lyra is your mobile VA which manages your calendar, delivers the latest news, gives directions, assists with your notes, tells jokes and does many more things. All you need to do is ask.

6. Accompany
Available for free on iOS.
Accompany has one of the most extensive databases of senior decision makers in the world and uses it to brief you for the upcoming meetings. That way it saves you hours of precious time which would otherwise be spent on doing your homework.

7. Tetra
Available for free on iOS.
Tetra is a call notes assistant which automatically records the most important details of your conversation. As a result, you can focus on the communication instead of writing down the details, which helps to get the best out of every interaction.

Photo Credit: Android Authority

8. Magic Personal Assistant
Available for $0.59 per minute spent on a task on iOS.
Magic isn’t your regular assistant app. It’s a service that delegates your tasks to professional personal assistants. Although at first, it might appear as a costly option, the app ensures that your tasks are completed on time and everything goes just as you wanted.

9. Fin
Available for $1 per minute spent on a task on iOS.
Like Magic, Fin delegates your tasks to human personal assistants. However, unlike Magic, it also uses AI to build an index of your knowledge which helps to recall right information at the right time.

10. Trove
Available for free on Android and iOS.
Trove (former Notion) is an invaluable app when it comes to your email management. It is an AI-powered assistant that declutters your mailbox, finds the most important connections, unanswered emails, provides insights, statistics and many more exclusive features.

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