10 Bizarre iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Accessories

Going round places, there is one common and noticeable thing among youths, which is the use of headsets to enjoy music. Similar thing happens in the campus. So many students walk around from one class to another with different MP3 players. Of all these headsets, there is a strong possibility that the MP3 player in question is an Apple iPod. With the millions of portable music players in the market, the iPod has dominated MP3 players in sales since its inception in 2001, taking over 70 percent of the shares in dollar.

Another business that has grown so fast in the ipod market is the iPod accessory, this include stuffs like docks and iPod covers. With the designs and sells of apple accessories at Apple stores around the world, a good number of third-party developers have thrown their ideas into the pot.

There is a possibility that accessories have nearly been as successful as the iPod itself. The accessory market has been valued by many at an estimate rate of $1 billion. With the number of iPod accessories available, there is an ipod accessory for everyone.

We are going to identify 10 bizarre iPod Accessories for you, so that you don’t spend your hard earned money on things you do not need.

10 Bizarre iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Accessories
Photo Credit: Apple

1. Sausage Stylus For iPad & iPhone

The iPad/ iPhone Stylus with its weird looks when viewed, the compact and slim figure of the Sausage Stylus For iPad & iPhone can easily be fit into the pocket and is perfect for cold weather when the hand is covered with gloves according to CaseCrown.The mystery about this accessory is how the name sausage shape was given to it.

2. Speaker Towel For iPhone & iPod

This accessory is compatible with both iPhone and iPod Touch, the device comes with in built speakers. The speakers are needed when when playing arcade racing games, but its of no use when watching movies or listening to music.

3. The iPad Chair

This accessory emanates outright from Elite Gome Theatre Seating. With it, one doesn’t need to sit on an old sofa or buy a dock or stand for using iPad. Now a days an ipad chair had been designed with its own built-in iPad dock according to the company advert.

4. Fat-Free Bacon Case For iPad

These accessory enables one to add some flesh into the fat less or slim iPad.The ipad bears a striking resemblance with a greasy slab of uncooked bacon when inserted into a protective case.

5. TV Hat For iPhone

The rational behind this accessory was to provide a personal theater for users of ipod. Its design is dim-witted that people would not consider using at any cost.

6. iPhone Lenses

This accessory captures the interest of professional photographers because of its wide angle, 8X and fish-eye telephoto lense. The accessory automatically turns a phone camera into a professional camera.

7. Standle iPad Case

Shaped like a cheap plastic toolbox, and any tool can’t be placed inside it. It has a built-in kickstand on which you can set your iPad easily.

8. iPhone Leg Strap

This happens to be another pointless accessory due to ones inability to type comfortably when strapped to the thigh.

9. iArm Forearm Mount

You will surely prefer iArm Forearm Mount on ThinPhone’s iPhone leg strap as with it you can get an extra arm for holding iPad. However, such accessory is available in the imaginary world and you can’t buy it in reality.

10. Tango Case For iPhone

This accessory came with a design from Ten One, with a side clip that can hold a stylus.