Top 10 Internet Mysteries That Are Yet to Be Solved

The internet has a lot of hidden and weird things. It is without doubts to say that the internet sphere  has shaken things up a bit for mankind[1].The Internet is a mighty place though it seem easy to explore, and there are definitely some dark corners that is weird to the internet users. With the use of anonymity, people can easily do anything they want online. Most people using the internet are not aware of the weird thing in the internet or web. It is a known fact that there is a lot of trolling on the internet.

Then, there are some things that go a little deeper. The Cicada 3301, Bitcoins and The Markovian Parallax Denigrate are some of the unexplained Internet mysteries that are still unsolved [2]. Some of these Internet mysteries are likely to be covered stories for recruiting incredibly smart people for unknown purposes.

Below are Ten Internet Mysteries that are yet to be solved.

1. Cicada 3301

Cicada 3301 is the weirdest thing on the internet that appeared first on January 2012. It started with a hidden message encoded in it during an internet call for some individuals. Cicada 3301 is actually the name of an organization which posts some of the toughest and mysterious puzzles on the internet, they posts puzzles on data security, steganography and cryptography. Reasons for posting this puzzles remain a mystery, and remain one of the unresolved mysteries in the internet. But a lot of people perceive that these puzzles are posted to recruit intelligent individuals into CIA, MI6, NSA or a cyber-mercenary group.

2. The Markovian Parallax Denigrate

The Markovian Parallax Denigrate came from the 1990s popular proto-web chat system known as Usenet. This old internet mystery began in 1996 when the internet community reported an unusual messages emanating from a user Markovian Parallax Denigrate. They were random words which no one could understand or explain[3].

3. Internet Black Holes

This is one of the internet mysteries no body is yet to resolve. The secret of Internet black holes has been on research since 2008, but engineers are no closer to finding a solution. Series of information are simply disappearing on the way to their destination. A lot of people believe that firewalls and dead IP addresses are to blame, but the volume of dropped traffic indicates that there may be other, still unrevealed forces at work. Internet Black Holes work by getting us cut out from a website or not letting our mails reach their destinations. This issue gives us a belief that the server is down or the wireless connection got down. But this is always not the problem, it’s rather more mysterious than we assume.

According to researchers, it’s been made known that this information get lost because of the Internet Black Holes.

Two researchers at the DefCon hacker conference in 2008 showcased massive security vulnerability in the web. They found out big black holes all over the internet which could be misused by cyber criminals to interpret large amounts of data without being detected.

There lies several such mysterious black holes on the internet yet to be identified and why such black holes actually exist is a bigger mystery.

4. 973-eht-namuh-973

It takes little or no time or effort to set up a website, but to make one that stuns and puzzles people for years is a different thing entirely. Since at 2003, has been sending up a baffling number of text, images and other mysterious content to visitors, and we’re no closer to understanding what the purpose of it all is. Closer examination of the sites content reveals links to numerology, ancient mysticism and other unusual subjects, but the identity of the sites creator is still not known.

5. A858DE45F56D9BC9

The exact clue to this mystery remains unknown. The fact is, even the most ordinary websites still experience this mysteries associated with them. Reddit for instance is a place for people where people share all kinds of content, it is also a place where a user known only as A858DE45F56D9BC9 has been posting strings of text and numbers each and every day since 2011. This post cannot be decoded nor interpreted even after three years of its existence.

6. Bitcoins

Bitcoins we know are a famous virtual currency on the internet, a digital currency used for online transaction for trading, buying and other virtual transactions. One of the mysteries of the bitcoin is how popular it become all of a sudden and nobody knows or is sure why they are so famous. They are so secured and cannot be created by anyone with a computer. But the owner and how the bitcoin works remains a mystery.

During the early days of bitcoin, a programmer named Nakamoto mined about 1 million Bitcoins after which he disappeared and is silent in front of the media and public till date, this event made people to believe that he was the inventor of cryptocurrency. How Bitcoin works is still confusing to users of the technology on the internet.

So many years after its invention, it is one of the buggiest mysteries on the internet.

7. 62.10401554464931 24.459908986464143

Top 10 Internet Mysteries That Are Yet to Be Solved
Photo Credit: Freaked

This is another extremely weird thing on the internet and YouTube. At a time, a video with the name 62.10401554464931 24.459908986464143 went viral online on YouTube by a user known as 626544984949854984858948l1. There is no clue nor idea regarding the purpose of the video and the person who posted it. The video shows weird things like dark forest, skull and morphing face and is kind of creepy. A lot of people have this believe that the video is a hoax and an attempt to start an online mystery. Others believe that this video might have deeper meanings like that of the Cicada 3301.

8. Jack Froese Emails

This is another internet Mysteries no one has figured out, the mystery this time has to do with life.A man named Jack Froese unexpectedly died on June 2011 of heart disease. As usual, friends and family mourned, buried him and moved on. Surprisingly, five months later, one of Jacks oldest friend received a mail from him informing him to clean out the conversations they had before his death. Funny enough, other friends received mails from Jacks personal account. Who is behind the sending of this mails remain a mystery.

9. Oct282011

Here is another mysterious website that is yet to be figured out. is an oddball maze of quasi-scientific diagrams, intentionally broken pages, hidden text and more. One of the weird things about the site is its pages frequently changing with no apparent rhyme or reason, demanding researchers to compare dozens of archived versions in their search for clues.

10. Valor por Tamaulipas

Valor por Tamaulipas is one of the most mysterious Facebook pages with over 500,000 likes, known for reporting Mexican Drug War and other security updates of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. The Facebook page Valor por Tamaulipas was opened on the first day of 2012 to give voice to the drug-related violence in the Gulf state of Tamaulipas.

In a country where many journalists have been assassinated for reporting drug violence, this page has been immune to threats. The site routinely posts pictures of crime scenes and information about illegal acts. In 2013, the drug cartels in Mexico got angry and announced $600,000 pesos (US$46,000) reward for any leads on the pages administrator.

Even after the threat, the admin and the page remained immune, as the bad guys are yet to figure out those who are behind this amazing one-man war on crime.