10 Most Powerful Pistols In The World

Pistols where invented after the Chinese invented their back power in the 9th Century. The invention was then passed on to Europe and Middle East with the advancement of such technology in recent times, it can be said that a single shot from a pistol leads to death as the case may be. Pistols’ improvements in combat range, reload speed, accuracy and muzzle power altogether makes it a perfect tool.

Never the less, Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum exploded the big-bore handgun into pop culture as far back 1971, as the preferred sidearm of Clint Eastwood’s “Dirty Harry”. Some of these bullet-spitting monsters come with shoulder slings and bipods for hunting, and fire rounds big and fast enough to drop an animal or even puncture steel plate. These pistol is a hell lot of fun to shoot at the range.

Here, we are able to put together the 10 most powerful pistols in the world that is power packed with amazing launch potential.

1. Smith And Wesson .500

A killer gun regarded as the most lethal and powerful pistols in the world. The gun is capable of killing anyone with a single bullet shot. It was manufactured and designed by Smith & Wesson in 2002, the gun is the greatest pistol till today.

2. Desert Eagle.

As the name implies, this weapons physical appearance is like that of an eagle with brown color features. The pistol was originated in the US and Israel, it has triangular barrel with huge muzzle, designed in 1979, Desert Eagle is still considered as the as a final kill. It is a semi-automatic gun with a fast and immediate recoiling speed.

3. Smith And Wesson XVR 460 Magnum

Smith and Wesson XVR 460 is a high velocity pistol considered as one of the most potential handgun. It was initially build for hunting and defense purposes, which is featured with it’s company’s strongest frame.

It is capable of generating 2,416 foot-pounds force of muzzle energy considered to be one of the most powerful guns in the world. In 2005, the gun was awarded with Excellent Handgun of the year

4. Ruger Super Redhawk Inebaugh .500

10 Most Powerful Pistols In The World

Ruger Super Redhawk is made of the most powerful cartridges such as .44 Magnum, and .480 Ruger, Manufactured by Sturm in 1987, the pistols accuracy stands atop of most pistols around the world based on the actual reviews from the weaponry officials.

5. Marlin BFR

“Big Frame Revolver”, When considering a big revolver round the corner of your place, then the best choice is Marlin BFR. The pistol features immense power to shoot a 350-grain bullet at 1,814 feet per second, it is a powerful weapon made by Magnum and originated in the U.S.

6. Smith and Wesson 29 Classic

10 Most Powerful Pistols In The World

Originated from United States, the Smith and Wesson 29 Classic handgun comes with differentiated barrel lengths as standard model. Most famously used by the fiction character “Dirty Harry” for its elegance look. The pistol was considered as the most powerful production during the time of introduction. Performance behind the piston was the driving force to give birth for Class 29. Though it was a good defensive equipment, the gun was much preferred for hunting and dangerous game, rather than self-defense.

7. Thompson/Center Contender G2

10 Most Powerful Pistols In The World

A fantastic looking Pistol, fused with wooden shield on its side. Thompson/Center Contender G2 is a unique single-shot pistol with break-action introduced in 1967. This gun happens to be more expensive than other guns.

8.Thompson Center Contender G2
Referred to as One shot, one kill. This single-shot pistol has interchangeable parts. With this gun, only one shot makes the difference..

9. Optima .50 Cal Black Powder

Optima .50 Cal Black Powder gun produces more than 100 grain loads in huge ranges. The gun has a breeching power that can pierce through over 100 yards from the its firing spot. The gun was produced by CBA and can be used by both hands or one hand.

10. Glock .45 Caliber G.A.P

10 Most Powerful Pistols In The World

Glock .45 Caliber pistol is much used mostly by people who prefer a lot of bullets in their cartridge. It is manufactured by CCI, the guns high velocity and accuracy made it categorized as one of the most dangerous weapons in the world.