7 Tips for promoting events on Linkedin

This is one of the social media platforms and it can be used for promoting events on Linkedin. This social media tool can draw large attendance to your event. There’s always a need for your business to stand out as an entrepreneur. In this article, we are going to get the basic tips for promoting events on Linkedin.

 7 Tips for promoting events on Linkedin

Tips for promoting events on Linkedin

  1. Promoting events on Linkedin: Set up a group

Setting up a group on Linkedin for your event would get people’s attention to find extra details and ask more questions concerning your event. You can increase their engagements by answering questions you have been asked and this can connect with other participants that have interest.

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  1. Promoting events on Linkedin: Sharing your event on pages

You can share your events on several pages on Linkedin. The title of the event when it is being clicked should be able to take people your registration page. Another way of promoting events on Linkedin is promoting it on Twitter and Facebook using the link you have on Linkedin.

  1. Promoting events on Linkedin: Talk about it in LinkedIn groups

This is important for you to do in order to publicize your event. You can be part of any Linkedin groups; you can use this medium to talk about your event. There are some people within the group that can talk about your event in other Linkedin group they belong to and making your event gaining popularity.

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  1. Promoting events on Linkedin: An event teaser in your headline

There should be an event teaser in the headline of your post. This works very well but you don’t have to do this always. Always make sure you change it to your normal headline after the event is over. This will make your participants still remain engaged.

  1. Promoting events on Linkedin: Post status updates

On your profile, you can post status update easily. This will remind people who are still adamant to register for your event. In addition to that with your LinkedIn Company Page, you can include status updates that your Company Page followers can see.

  1. Promoting events on Linkedin: direct messages

In promoting events on Linkedin there is a limitation of promoting it to only 50 connections for a single direct message at a time. This message is being delivered to the email account of the recipient and the Linkedin inbox. This alone will make your message seen and read by people.

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  1. Promoting events on Linkedin: Promote through Ads

Another way to get a massive audience and promoting events is running targeted ads. This works like magic and is so effective in making your event known. The main thing is for you to decide on your budget and then use the Linkedin Ads tool to carry out a targeted campaign in promoting your event on Linkedin.