7 Top choice SEO Tools for Beginners in 2020

There are several SEO tools for beginners. Many developers or bloggers believe that Search Engine Optimization is so difficult. This has made people not to pay rapt attention to it. SEO tools for beginners are still necessary to know for those that want to launch their brand, create unique content and building an online presence. One of the benefits of SEO is that it allows you to have numerous free customers on the web.

7 Top choice SEO Tools for Beginners

Different Top Choice SEO Tools for Beginners

This is a list of top choice SEO tools that beginners can use to build an online presence.

  1. SEO Tools for Beginners: Google Analytics

The Google Analytic is one of the SEO tools for beginners that you can start with. Most advanced SEO experts who their job is basically on SEO make use of Google Analytics. In the beginning, it can be so confusing, but it will help any SEO beginner to get an idea of what is measured based on audience, conversion and website traffic etc.

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  1. SEO Tools for Beginners: AdWords Keyword Tool

Carrying out a research on a keyword is an important aspect of Search Engine Optimization. The basic thing is to know what and where you have to optimize. The Adword keyword tool shows you the keyword that you want to use such as the competition for the keyword, rate of searches and CPC.

  1. SEO Tools for Beginners: Open Site Explorer

This tool will help you to know the link that your other competitors are using as a backlink. The tool is being generated from SEOmoz and helps you to determine whether you can get the same backlinks that your competitors have gotten.

  1. SEO Tools for Beginners: SEO by Yoast

This is the best SEO plugin that can be installed on a website or a blog. It helps you go through the various steps of Search Engine Optimization in order to help you optimize every webpage or blog. This will work well when you want to concentrate on optimizing your contents.

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  1. SEO Tools for Beginners: PageRank Status

Pagerank status is among the SEO tools for beginners that the browser extension can be downloaded on your Google chrome. This tool will help starters to know where their page rank on search engines over other websites. It is also an avenue for link building. The site info, page info, SEO stats, and page speed can be seen by clicking on the plugin.

  1. SEO Tools for Beginners: Google Webmaster Tools

Every SEO expert has their own Google Webmaster Tools account. This SEO tool allows you to monitor your website indexing, sitemaps, keyword clicks,  and lists internal and external links to your site.

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  1. SEO Tools for Beginners: Bing Webmaster Tools

You can’t forget that Bing is still the number three search engine out there, so optimizing for it is important even if you’re a beginner. Bing has a few different features than Google Webmaster Tools, but for the most part, it serves the same purpose—giving you insight as to the number of clicks, links, indexing, etc. For more information or relevant tools visit https://searchenginereports.net/plagiarism-checker