What You Need To Know About Gionee Phones

In September 2002, Liu Lirong established the gionee communication equipment Co. Ltd. Gionee is a tech enterprise that spotlights on production and offer of mobile phones. In 2005 gionee got the GSM and CDMA mobile phone generation permit.

Over 1500 people with an average age of 30 years in gionee’s headquarter currently, were employed. Our management team advocates a standardized and scientific enterprise management model, with a high level of innovation. The foundation of sustainable development at gionee is the constant pursuit of professionalism and innovation. Hence, in this article, we will focus on what you need to know about gionee phones.

What You Need To Know About Gionee Phones


Gionee has 41  general sales agents and 40  service centers with over 500 franchised outlets. In 2007, The received the honorary title of “Guangdong Province Famous Trademark”. In 2011, was the overall market share of 7.2% and the GSM market share of 11.2%. These ranked them in the third place in the overall mobile phone market, and first place in terms of the domestic market.

Since 2011, Gionee has grown rapidly, expanding its presence in countries including Vietnam, Taiwan, Myanmar, Thailand, India, Nigeria,  and the Philippines. Gionee phones are currently on sale in  Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Russia, Middle East, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Africa, with exports reaching 1 million phones per month for the overseas markets.

Gionee believes their phones should be as unique as the people who use them. They regard them self as a global provider of mobile phone and internet technology that is user-friendly, wallet-friendly and stylish. In other words, we strive to help consumers make their lives better.


warranty And Policies

1. The following is the limited warranty period of the Gionee product ( phone ):

Gionee phone unit – The warranty is given only to the Original (First) Purchaser (Consumer) of the product for the first 12 months from the day of purchase and is not assignable or transferable to any other consumer.

2. To achieve the limited warranty benefits, the purchaser must deliver the defectives phone or product to the Authorized Service Center. The purchaser will bear the delivery, transportation, and handling charges incurred to deliver the defectives phone or product to and from the Authorized Service Center.

3. The purchaser must produce the Proof of Purchase and original Warranty Card, so as to establish the validity of the warranty period as stated.

5. During the limited warranty period, the Authorized Service Center may repair (Handset) or replace (Accessories) at the Company’s option, any defective unit or parts thereof with new or factory rebuilt replacement items, and return the product to the Consumer in working condition without any charges towards part(s) or workmanship / labor.


Top 10 Rated Gionee Phone

1.Gionee M7

2.Gionee M7 power

3..Gionee M7 plus

4.Gionee 11

5.Gionee steel 3

6.Gionee S11S

7.Gionee F205

8.Gionee S11Lite

9.Gionee X1s

10.Gionee X1