Hit Box Review: The Ultimate Fighting Game Controller

For younger the folks born within ’90s and early 2000s, the speculation of a online game arcade is a thing of which they do without. The group arcades that fumed with cigarette smoke and Boulevard Fighter cupboards had been lengthy long past by the point the PS2, Xbox and GameCube rolled round, leading to a technology of battling avid gamers who grew up the use of usual online game controllers.

Hit Box Review: The Ultimate Fighting Game Controller
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However at tournaments, most sensible avid gamers nonetheless use conventional combat sticks, which mimic the arcade machines of the ’90s. Some more youthful avid gamers have pressured themselves to evolve to joysticks over thumbsticks, however there are many more youthful fighting-game enthusiasts at tournaments enjoying on a pad relatively than a stick.

Even then, doing quarter-circle and Z-configuration mixtures at the PS4’s disjointed D-pad can begin to put on at your thumbs.

That is the place the Hit Field is available in. The Hit Field lies someplace between a keyboard and a combat stick. It replaces the stick to 4 buttons, or even with none analog method of path, it’s by means of some distance one of the simplest ways to drag off mixtures. So, if it isn’t a combat stick, then what’s it?

Hit Box Review: The Ultimate Fighting Game Controller
Photo Credit: forums.shoryuken.com

The nice

  • Simple and intuitive
  • Forged development
  • Sanwa buttons

The dangerous

  • Fastened cord
  • Exhausting to personalize
  • No headphone jack
  • Complicated menu navigation


The Hit Field is a modern battling recreation controller that can exchange the best way you play.

Design and Really feel

Essentially the most surprising side of the Hit Field is the loss of a joystick. This controller relegates motion to 4 buttons: 3 24-millimeter buttons for shifting ahead, backward and down; and a bigger, 30-mm button for leaping. Bring to mind the 3 buttons as arrow keys on a keyboard and the bigger button as a spacebar.

The buttons are top quality Sanwas, and so they really feel superior. They’ve low go back and forth however soar again up briefly. They are cushy however responsive — precisely what a participant wishes in an effort to drift their arms to briefly buffer mixtures.

The Hit Field has a minimalist design. It is a massive slab of transparent acrylic with a blank, white end beneath, housed in a 16 x 7 x 2-inch metal body. There may be completely no flex or creek to the chassis. Whilst the Hit Field is not the most important combat stick whatsoever, it would simply knock any individual out. That implies it is nice for touring from match to match or battling off some muggers.

There is a lengthy, 15-foot, nonremovable USB cable that stands proud from the again, providing you with numerous slack clear of a tv. Alongside the again, there also are 3 buttons used for menu purposes. Hit Field Arcade claims that those buttons are Sanwa as neatly, however they really feel markedly worse than the face buttons. Granted, those are simply menu buttons, and they don’t seem to be wanted for gameplay. Not one of the buttons are categorized, both, so it takes some memorization to keep in mind what does what.

As robust and sturdy because the Hit Field feels, some handy options would have made it such a lot higher. As an example, it will had been great for the Hit Field to open with the contact of a button, just like the Razer Panthera does. This may permit avid gamers to extra simply change in different-colored buttons or retailer any equipment. As of now, opening up the Hit Field calls for a screwdriver.

Having a hard and fast USB cable could also be an inconvenience and may have been remedied simply with a removable one. Converting the artwork at the Hit Field could also be a extra in contact procedure, requiring the acquisition of clean plexiglass for approximately $15 from a third-party store.


Leaping from a pad to the Hit Field felt otherworldly. To do 1 / 4 circle, merely push the down button after which the suitable button. That is it. Two fast presses. A part circle is identical: left, down, proper.