How to Know Fake Viral Video on the Internet

A fake Viral video is just like junk food on the internet. It is a guilty pleasure that one should ignore, but reach for anyway. A lot of people can’t detect fake viral video that pops on the internet. As a result of this, they have become fond of clicking any video that comes their way. Alan Melikdjanian, a visual effect specialist is responsible for a character that has been displaying on Youtube.

How to Know Fake Viral Video on the internet

Ways of detecting fake viral video on the internet

  1. Detecting fake viral video: Ask yourself a question

The first question that should reflect in your mind is that; could this be real. If it is an unusual object in a video, you need to ask yourself is this a thing?. You don’t have to forget that the actual life we are living at the moment has a lot of weird in it. There are several fake viral videos that look real on the internet and you have to search whether they are any news related to it.

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  1. Detecting fake viral video: Check the source

This can be done by checking the title of the video to know if it is fake. Google can also be used to do a reverse image search of the thumbnail. When you have confirmed the source, you can check whether the uploader has a genuine presence online. If the video was being uploaded on social media platforms, you have to check their interaction with other online users.

  1. Detecting fake viral video: Search for brands

The uploader of the fake viral video might have some affiliation to an advertising agency. Plenty of viral videos that emerged online are undercover sponsored content most times. The purpose of this is to draw the attention of the viewer’s to a particular brand or product. You must have come across a video of builder making use of superhuman tape measure skills.

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  1. Detecting fake viral video: Check the video

It is one thing to see a fake video, and it is another thing to know if the video is a fake video. In order to detect the whether it is a fake viral video, you need to download the video and look at it frame by frame. You can do this on your own without making use of any software like Quicktime to do this. When going through the video, the visual and editing effect must be considered.

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  1. Detecting fake viral video: Don’t over think it

It has been revealed that one of the biggest problems of people is to believe in a fake viral video but doubting the one that is genuine. Many people will see a viral video that’s fake online and still look at it. Then the real one, they will doubt it. You need to have some iota of doubt within you, but not too skeptical. It is good to trust your intuition, but remember it can also be deceived.