List of Cheap Hotels in the World

Top list of Cheap Hotels in the World

Getting cheap and affordable hotels can be hectic considering the money/ finance involved. Hotels cover a variety of purposes that include business, adventure, honeymoon, vacation, romantic getaway etc. Certainly, the experience you get from two different hotels is never the same.

Nevertheless, it is possible to have quality and unique experiences when you patronize any of the top luxury/cheap hotels in the world. It is not the price of these hotels that got them to the top of the list but their steadfastness in providing excellent and unique services to their guests. Their locations, facilities and design are also contributing factors to their high ranking (1).
Travelers who have good taste would surely appreciate finding a compilation of top luxury hotels in the world.  Below is a list of these hotels, absolutely the cheapest and best hotels you can ever think about..

[Cheap Hotels in the World] The Oberoi Vanyavilas

List of Cheap Hotels in the World
Photo Credit: Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

In the year 2016, this hotel was ranked second among top 5 resort hotels in India. Its attractive location and amazing services are the two major factors that make it so enticing. It is situated very close to the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve and guests in this hotel have the privilege of seeing these animals in their natural habitat.

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This hotel is also surrounded by beautiful gardens and the sounds of singing birds and croaking frogs resonates throughout the hotel. You would feel like you’ve stepped into the perfect scenery of an animated world. The Alfresco main restaurant within the hotel offers not just Indian dishes but also continental dishes that would leave your taste buds craving for more.
Your skin also receives the special treatment it deserves in the sunlit Oberoi spa and also available, are private yoga sessions. You have made the perfect choice when you book the Oberoi Vanyavilas for your honeymoon or vacation.

[Cheap Hotels in the World] Umaid Bhawan Palace(Taj)

List of Cheap Hotels in the World
Photo Credit: Rajasthan City Day Tour

This hotel entered the list of best hotels in the world in the year 2016. This magnificent palace was once the home of Jodhpur royal family. Facilities like a subterranean zodiac pool and a museum are telltale remnants of the grand heritage linked to this hotel. The hotel is built on top Chittar hill—the tallest hill in Jodhpur; hence the beautiful scenery of the city is opened up to you.
You wine and dine with any drink of your choice in the beautifully decorated Trophy bar. When you stroll around their lawns; your mind becomes unburdened and worry-free. You can also indulge your body in the special treatment at the Jiva Grande Spa. At Umaid Bhawa Palace, every guest has a royal experience.

[Cheap Hotels in the World]Lion Sands, Sabi Sand, South Africa

List of Cheap Hotels in the World
Photo Credit: Sabi Sands

This hotel is beside the Sabi river and you would, no doubt, love the splendid view of this river. African artifacts in colors of ebony and ivory grace the walls of the rooms. The large windows and private terraces in the rooms make you have a perfect view of the lions and elephants meandering about the green landscape.

Lion Sands offers the following amenities: airport shuttle, housekeeping on a daily basis, air conditioning, gym center, two outdoor pools, a full-service spa, 24-hour front desk, lobby fireplace, restaurant and bar/lounge and 26 guest rooms. You also get bonuses like free parking space, free Wi-Fi in the lobby and free breakfast. There is absolutely no reason why a luxurious traveler visiting South Africa shouldn’t make Lion Sands his top hotel choice.

[Cheap Hotels in the World] Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome, Paris, France

List of Cheap Hotels in the World
Photo Credit: Luxurylaunches

This is a 5-star hotel located in the heart of the city. No one forgets the splendour, sophistication and unbeatable elegance of Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome. It is interesting to know that Ed Tutte is the designer behind the impressive décor of the 43 suites and 153 guest rooms in the hotel. There is massive space for whatever event you plan to organise, be it wedding or conference. This hotel is an all-in-one venue for your needs.

Going for luxury shopping or afternoon adventures wouldn’t pose a problem because of its central location. It is close to Place Vendome and Palais Garnivas, so you can stroll all you want and take in the beautiful sights of this luminous city.

Your taste buds come alive with the mouth-watering French delicacies served in the restaurant. Their spa boasts of only professionals that would see the rejuvenation of your skin.

[Cheap Hotels in the World]Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

List of Cheap Hotels in the World
Credit: Footprint to Africa

This is listed among the best hotel chains in the world. There are branches of this hotel in about 43 countries and they all offer excellent services. Despite the fact that this hotel brand has been in existence for more than ten decades; its success is yet to diminish.

Although Four Seasons properties each have their own unique styles; they all share a single image in terms of 24-hour customer service and top-notch amenities like adequate business facilities, spas and high-end restaurants. Here are Top 10 Tourist Attractions Around the World

Quite a good number of Four Seasons Hotels in countries like Mexico, Canada, USA etc. have entered the list of “best hotels rankings.”