List Of Most Secure Prisons In The World

As the destination of all who find themselves on the negative end of the many justice systems which have acted to ultimately govern each and every human society up until this point, prisons play a pivotal role in said systems. The philosophy of imprisoning humans is one that has been with us through a number of our social ages. Though we have several amount of prisons in the world, there are some names of which are widely known, or at least should be. This list are of ten such facilities, educating and entertaining simultaneously:
10. HMS Belmarsh
List Of Most Secure Prisons In The World
Belmarsh also known as ‘her Majesties’ Prison contains men’s prison sited at Greenwich, South East London. It has been active as a high security prison from 1991, the facility has grown famous in the UK. It contains most of Britain’s most notorious criminals for the past two decades, Belmarsh’s current population stands around the 1,000 mark. With notorious offenders as Charles Bronson and Ronnie Biggs in the prison, Belmarsh is known for the past reputation as the ‘British Guantanamo’, because it is used for the detainment of untried ‘terror charge’ prisoners in the early 2000’s after the 9/11 attack.
9. Terre Haute Federal Correction Complex
List Of Most Secure Prisons In The World
Sited in the city of Terra Haute in Vigo County, Western Indiana. It covers all three security classifications, high, medium and minimum, the complex is all-male and comprises of two separate facilities. 
8. Tadmor Military Prison
Sited at approximately 200 km north east of the Syrian capital Damascus, it was constructed as a barracks by the French Mandate forces decades ago.
7. Camp Delta
List Of Most Secure Prisons In The World
Camp Delta was constructed during the spring of 2002, it houses notorious world over for its uses in the incarceration  of high profile fugures carrying a high terror risk.
6. ADX Florence
United State Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility (ADX) has six levels of security, all of which are pretty severe and see most inmates contained separately at all times.
5. Qincheng Prison
List Of Most Secure Prisons In The World
This prison was built in the late 1950’s, Qincheng Prison is a stark reminder of China’s turbulent political history. The prison contains a team of 5,000 security personnel with a high tower several thousand feet above sea level.
4. Alcatraz Island
This prison contains one of the most high security technology in the world. It is sited at two and a half kilometres offshore from San Francisco, California.
3. Fuchu Prison
List Of Most Secure Prisons In The World
This prison has a flawless security exists. It is sited in Fuchu, a western region of the Tokyo metropolis. The prison carries some of the most advanced system in the world.
2. La Sante Prison
Sited around the 14th arrondissement of the French nation’s capital city, Paris, This prison has a formidable structure, both aesthetically speaking and literally. The prison has a clever architecture that prevents prisoners from breakout.
1. Arthur Road
List Of Most Secure Prisons In The World
This prison is located at the western Indian city of Mumbai, formerly Bombay. The prison has an unbreachable compound.