List of Tech Blogs in the Nigeria

List of Tech Blogs in the Nigeria

As technology advances in the world, it is necessary for tech blogs to deliver recent and latest happenings in this ever dynamic tech world. The list of tech blogs in Nigeria keeps increasing on daily basis.

Tech news is very relevant to an extent that even those with little or no education are able to bring out exact specifications of gadgets in the market and benchmark quality.

Everyone is aware of the sudden increase in updating tech news either to review products or give detailed information and analysis about forthcoming products, has enabled companies to improve the quality and features of their products so as to be ahead of their competitors and satisfy their customers.

Tech Industry In Nigeria  2018
So many tech blogs operating in Nigeria are being accepted by all, as they have taken full responsibility for how technology information are delivered to Nigerian for years.

Thinking of finding useful information about technology products in another country, when you get to the “other side of the fence” you will discover the grass wasn’t so green there after all.

But with an increasing number of these tech blogs, it is important to give you the list of top  tech blogs that gives relevant tech news and info in Nigeria.

List of Tech Blogs In Nigeria 2018

This list is based on Alexa ranking and popularity.

1. TechPoint [1] For Tech Entrepreneurs In Nigeria
This tech blog is the first tech blog in Nigeria as it ranked 26th site in Nigeria. It focuses on mainly on startups, Tech issues and gadgets.

This particular tech blog in Nigeria started out of a drive in order to change the way tech news is being carried out.

2. NaijaTechGuide [2]
This tech site places it focus more on tech reviews, tech news, specs, tips, as well as price comparisons of gadgets and electronics.

The tech blog are not into selling of products but they do assist in recommending the best product. Believe me tech guide site guides you in making the wise decision when selecting your product. It can also be called a “Buyer guide blog”

The Naijatechguide has the rank as the 34th in Nigeria and also has high SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you have been thinking of a gadget to buy, Do not hesitate to visit this particular tech site and select the best products of your choice.

3. OgbongeBlog 
This blog happens to be one of the foremost blog when it comes to blogging, tips, tutorials tricks and Adsense tips. The tech site delivers information mostly on tech news and also online money generation.

It is ranked 77th by You can visit their tech site on Ogbonge Blog .com for more information.

4. Tech Cabal
Tech cabal is one of the top notch tech blog in Nigeria. The tech blog focuses on tech news, startups, investments and core Tech issues in Nigeria and also Africa at large.

Tech cabal is ranked 927 position in Nigeria

5. Tech Lector
This amazing tech blog is the best place for 100% excellent comprehensive and in depth review for all gadget devices.

The wonderful thing about this tech blog is that it helps in making comparison between two products of the same kind.

It is ranked  at 460 position according to in Nigeria and 21k Globally and if you want to get in touch,  just visit their blog on

List of Tech Blogs in the Nigeria
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6. SpecsPriceNigeria
Specpricenigeria was founded in December 2015. They are the tech site that focuses mostly on reviews of tech products and they are seen as a trusted tech site in Nigeria.

Also, Specs Price Nigeria is also a major destination for product buyers because they give detailed reports about tech gadgets, smart phones and simple telecom hacks

It is ranked 1,564th position based on and if you want to get in touch, visit their tech site on

7. NaijaQuest
On my list of tech blogs in Nigeria, I also have This tech blog is a well visited website for latest tech news, etc. It is safe and generally suitable and acceptable for all ages.

About 74.9% of Nigerians are visiting this tech site and it is ranked 1,696th tech blog in Nigeria. Naija quest blog gives information on exchange rates and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that we all need this due to the current currency fluctuation in Nigeria.