Most Dangerous Machine Guns In The World

A person with a gun is not as dangerous as the gun in his hand and War as we know is the science of destruction. The technology of machine gun has become very superior and is about becoming extremely powerful and destructive. As the day goes by, human being are consistently creating new technologies to manufacture dangerous weapons to scare enemies. There are a lot of countries manufacturing dangerous machine guns, some of these weapons are strong enough to even bring down an aircraft.
Before now, battalions and warriors resorted to hand crafted spears as means of an attack medium against their oppositions in war, with ingenious advancement in the world in terms of weapons, Gun revolution gets bigger, louder and much more destructive everyday.
There are different types of machine guns which are heavy machine guns, sub-machine guns and light-machine guns, all of which are extremely dangerous if not properly handled.
Let us focus on the best machine guns in the world.
Most Dangerous Machine Guns In The World
1. MG 42, Germany 
MG 42, Germany has its origin from Nazi Germany, it is a dangerous World War 2 machine gun. The gun is capable of firing about 1,200 rounds per minute on an average. It was designed initially in 1942, but later redesigned by modern day Germany.
MG 42 has a set record of simplicity, reliability, durability, and ease of operation, its ability to produce a high volume of suppressive fire makes the gun most notable.

2. Minigun or M134 Machine Gun, USA 
General Electric invented this monstrous six barrel rotary machine gun called Minigun. The powerful electrically driven rotary breech can fire at an extremely fast rate of 2,000 to 6,000 rounds per minute. It’s been regarded as one of the most powerful, dangerous and deadly machine guns in the world. Several branches of the U.S. military use this machine gun with amazing features under development, making it one of the scariest machine guns in the world.

3.  M240 Machine Gun, USA 
M240 machine guns successfully displaced M60. They are belt fed that can destroy targets as far as 3km with ease. M240 Machine Gun are highly compatible with ground vehicles, aircraft and watercraft with a firing power rate of 950 rounds per min. These guns are standardized among NATO members and its very reliable despite its heavy weight.

4. GAU-19, USA 
GAU-19 series are one of the deadliest machine guns in the world. The electrically driven Gatling guns are capable of firing 2,000 rounds per minute. Its manufacture, General Electric says that the weapon has a maximum firing range of 6 km. GAU-19 machine gun with feeder and transfer unit weighs 63 kg. GAU-19/B is one of the most powerful variations of this weapon of destruction. Several countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Japan and Oman have used GAU-19 machine guns. The six-barreled version of the gun is able to fire 4,000 to 8,000 rounds per minute which is incredible. Army vehicles and helicopters of USA use the weapon.
M2 Browning Machine Gun
5. M2 Browning Machine Gun, USA 
M2 Browning is one of oldest and longest-serving machine guns in the world. It has been part of several wars around the world. The successful heavy machine gun by John M. Browning uses a much powerful .50 BMG cartridge. A big list of countries has been the customer of this dangerous machine gun. The gun has a long history of manufacturing which began at the end of World War I. It is effective against small boats, infantry, light vehicles and low flying aircrafts. You can easily create a small fortification with the help of Browning Machine Guns. Some of its variants can fire at a rate of 1,300 rounds per minute. The machine gun uses a belt fed system and has an effective range of 1,800 m. It has been known as one of the evergreen and classic machine guns in history.

6. IMI Negev, Israel 
IMI Negev is an Israeli light machine gun which draws design inspiration from the Belgian FN Minimi. The Negev has many variants which even has an assault model known as Assault Negev. An advanced variant of the Negev is Negev NG7 which has several good reviews for reliability, dependence and performance from IDF fighters. The gas operated Negev can fire at a range of 1,000 rounds per min which gets its ammunition from a 150-round M27 ammunition belt. Negev is truly powerful machine gun to compete and perform under tough combat conditions. The Negev is one of the greatest weapons to have come from Israel which has been inducted in several countries around the world.
Most Dangerous Machine Guns In The World
7. M249 light Machine Gun, USA and FN Minimi, Belgium 
Squad Assault Weapon” is the other name of M249. It is an adoption of the Belgian FN Minimi. Hence, all the credit goes to the Belgian FN Minimi. Its production began during the 1970s which came into existence due to the lack of effectiveness and automatic firepower in small numbers. A folding bi-pod helps this light machine gun to stand powerfully. The weapon provides the infantry squad with heavy volume of fire of a machine gun and accuracy and portability approaching that of a rifle.

8. PK Machine Gun, Russia 
The PK machine guns have been part of the Russian Armed Forces for a very long time. These powerful machine guns have been in use as a front-line infantry and vehicle-mounted weapon. The effectiveness and reliability of this general-purpose machine gun has been evident in many wars around the world. The machine gun came into use by the Soviet Union in 1961. This successful machine gun has been built more than 1,000,000 times. Its core design comes from the AKM with additional features like the open bolt design, which improves heat management during automatic firing. The gun can fire 800 rounds per min with an effective range of 1,500 m.
Most Dangerous Machine Guns In The World
9. Heckler & Koch MG4, Germany 
The MG4 is a belt-fed light-machine gun by German company Heckler & Koch. Though, the gun is an adoption of the Belgian FN Minimi there are many new advancements for the gun. The machine gun is light and is able to adapt to adverse conditions using a wide range of ammunition from different manufacturers, without the need to adjust the gas system. It is the replacement for the MG3 general-purpose machine gun. The MG5 is the improvement of MG4. The rotating bolt in MG4 provides a powerful firepower with an effective range of 1,000 m.

10. Kord Machine Gun, Russia 
The Kord-12.7 mm is a heavy machine gun from Russia which is a replacement for the older NSV machine guns. Though, the gun resembles more of a NSV machine gun, the internal mechanism has been extensively reworked, changing from a horizontally pivoting breech block to a rotating bolt design. This weapon has lesser recoil and greater accuracy during continuous firing. The gun has an effective firing range of 2000 m and fires at a rate of 750 rounds per min.