Top 10 BlackBerry Add-Ons

Top 10 BlackBerry Add-Ons

Blackberry add-ons are software that serves as a daily calendar and reminder for BlackBerry users.

BlackBerry may look like a piece of technology that has all the varieties we can look out for, but there are thousands of various software apps that have what it takes to make it even more interesting and entertaining. Blackberry add-ons  got your back day and night from blackberry itself.

Even though the prices and rates of add-ons are not stabilized, and fluctuates greatly, those software’s are totally mind boggling. By downloading a few software additions, everything can be at your fingertips ranging from password storage, weather notifications to a plethora of games.

Below are a list of top Add-Ons you can look for anytime.

Top 10 BlackBerry Add-Ons
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1. Berry 411

When looking at the technicality of blackberry add-ons, this software gives all that one will usually require in a phonebook with added advantage such as weather updates, movie ShowTime’s and lots more. Berry 411 works like an electronic phonebook.

2. CryptMagic

This software gives BlackBerry users the opportunity to keep or save confidential data’s like PINs, passwords and other vital information which are all encrypted on the users personal system. The software as well serves as a safe storage device for BlackBerry users who intend to keep their personal information at their fingertips with security guarantee.

3. BB Weather

This is a quick, one-touch weather notification software for BlackBerry users. Immediately the needed city codes are programmed into the phone, this add-on provides instant notification updates regarding weather forecasts.

4. BB Light

This Blackberry Adds-On keeps BlackBerry users away from the dark. Usually, the software programs the screen light on a BlackBerry to remain lit whenever it’s out of the holster. The adds-on enables reading lengthy mails and editing documents, though it affect’s battery life. With this software, the need to refresh the screen often is not there.

5. BB Today

This software serves as a daily calendar and reminder for BlackBerry users. On a nicely laid out screen, this software keeps track of daily appointments and missed calls. Also, it maintains up-to-date e-mail notifications, weather alerts and daily stock quotes.

7. VeriChat

A software with great instant messaging program for RIM BlackBerry devices. It gives BlackBerry users the opportunity to remain constantly connected to various networks including MSN, AOL, ICQ and Yahoo. Some of VeriChat best features include customized alerts and the ability for users to conduct multiple conversations with various people at the same time.

8. Handheld Contact

A great time saver software for Blackberry users that are consistently on teh move. This adds-on gives room for periodic updates, unlike other softwares. This happen by a simple click on the sync button. With this software, Blackberry users don’t need to lay hands on a computer before their contacts.

9. Companion Link

Top 10 BlackBerry Add-Ons
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This software is compatible with all Blackberry handshelds with easy usage. The interesting about the add-on is that it enables us stay connected and organized by providing easy outlets for BlackBerry users which aids in contact information synchronization, calendars, and memos from many different sources to one unified outlet.

10. Suduko Classic

This is an entertainment add-ons meant to keep boredom at bay despite your location.

Finally, Blackberry add-ons may look like a piece of technology that has all the identities we can look out for, but there are blackberry add-ons apps that have the capacity or capabilities to make it even more interesting and entertaining.