Top 10 Modern Inventions

Evolution in technology has really changed the world as compared to the last three decades. There are so many remarkable inventions. These inventions not only made our life easier but they have become an integrated part of our basic needs. Interacting with one another has become convenient and efficient. There are some setbacks to it though. But these inventions had made us our world built around it.

Top 10 Modern Inventions

GPS (Global Positioning System)

This system was developed by the US Department of defense to overcome limitations of age old navigation systems. This technology (GPS) identifies the geographical location of its receiver through the use of satellites in space. After the launching of this modernized GPS satellite system in 2005, it became commercially available for public use. Today we find GPS in mobile phones, tablets, laptops and many other electronic devices.

Social Networking

Initially, we had an option of the telephone for communication. We cannot link social networking to one single platform. Today, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest etc. has taken social networking to a much higher level than we could have ever imagined. And this has made life much easier.

Touch Screen

Are you tired of the irritating button sounds? Then there is a new innovation. Touchscreen. No noise, only fingers. Sure, the touchscreen is one of the most highly used inventions of the recent decade. Laptops, tablets Mobile, printers, desktops, education kiosks and many of all kind of electronic devices have touch screens now. This technology had forced the world’s biggest technology providers to give more attention to their products design.

Mobile Operating System

The two major mobile operating systems right now that dominates the world is Android and iOS. The entire world population is basically dependent on them. These operating systems reached to the peek where their predecessors such as Symbian, Blackberry OS etc. failed to do. It is like having the whole world with your fingertip. App Store comes with all kinds of applications ranging from morning alarm to good night prayer.

AbioCor Artificial Heart

This was first implemented to a patient in 2001, and this AbioCor artificial heart was free from any external wires or tubes to run it. Source of energy to run this heart comes from the battery that was charged through an energy transmission process. The previous version which was the original version was limited in terms of its operational use. But the second version had a life up to five years. This had made cases where certain patients who were expected to be dead in one or two months lived more than two years.


YouTube invention is evolutionary. Imagined everything captured in the video can be shared with your mass (subscribers), making the world your audience. Views of the world witnesses the magic of your camera. Your one account is all that requires to store all important events of your life. This technology had turned out create million dollars income earners for few YouTubers. It is one of the most important faces of social media too. For companies, it is a video platform sound enough to reach to your customers in a few minutes. YouTube’s popularity is pacing up day by day in or out of the online community.

Internet of Things

This is the fastest developing concept of 21 st century. Imagine your stepping into your roomsending signal to your air condition to switch on automatically? Sounds terrific, right? That’s the function of the Internet of Things. It is such an innovative subject that has caught the heat of discussion in the current era. Immediately you sit in your car, it starts automatically by authenticating correct password. This innovation changes everyday devices to simply interact with each other. In a simple word, the exchange of information between those objects become easily possible. IoT also helps your service providing company to learn your pattern of shopping, living, and habits. The day is not far when things get shipped directly to your home before you know you had to order.

Robotic Body Parts

The Robotic Body Parts was developed by the University of Twente with arms that
can aid those individuals affected by Duchenne muscular dystrophy. With the help
of biomechanics and engineering, scientists have devised robotic body parts.
This will allow patients to amplify residual function in the arm. They are researching
on the viability of making these robotic body parts or exoskeletons controlled by the
mind to help disabled individuals, survivors of stroke and elderly people.

Google Glass

This is a smart eyewear that helps you get exactly what you want right in front of your eyes, literally. It displays information in a smartphone-like, hands-free format but the only difference in it is that instead of holding it, you wear it instead.

Billboard That Produces Clean Water

We are living in an era when water is becoming increasingly harder to find in many parts of our world. Because of this, The University of Engineering and Technology of Peru (UTEC) is looking for something splashy to kick off its 2013 enrollment application period. It turned to ad agency Mayo DraftFCB, which came up with the genius idea to create billboards that would convert Lima’s thin air into potable water.