Top 3 Easiest Ways to Back up Your Files

It is a given fact that technology is evolving every day by day and the need to back up your files is a must. But one thing is certain that there is no electronic device that can last for good ten years without having any issue. It is important to back up your files that contain vital documents on daily basis. This reduces the chances of losing any documents.

Top 3 easiest ways to back up your files

Three easiest ways to back up your files

The following is a list of how to back up your files

  1. Back up your files: Cloud storage

This process involves you to transfer files from your computer system to another server in a data center. A cloud storage firm uses these servers to provide a certain amount of memory space that you can use to back up your files. Examples of these cloud services are Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and Onedrive etc.

Using these services you can synchronize folders. All you need to back your files is just a good internet. The first thing you have to do is to sign up for any cloud storage service that you want to make use of, then you can upload, view, modify and any files you want to delete from your device.

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  1. Back up your files: External hard disk

You can make use of an external hard disk to back up your files. The external hard disk has many similarities like the one that is being found inside the computer. They are very portable and can be carried about easily. This external hard disk drive is sold at a cheaper rate and can back up your files automatically.

One thing you have to bear in your mind is that hard drive can disappoint you at any time. Which indicates you can’t gain access to the files you have backed up. When you back up your files in an external hard disk you can expect your back up files to last for so several years.

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  1. Back up your files: Flash drive

Another method to back up files is by using a flash drive. Flash drives are portable and small devices that have many designs. It has the same similarity and function as a hard disk drive, but their storage capacity is very low storage capacity because they make use of flash memory.

You can make use of the flash drives to back up files is by plugging and connecting it to your computer through the USB port, then drag or copy and drop your folder files onto it. Then when you are done, you can disconnect the flash drives from the system.

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A flash drive can have a 256GB of storage capacity; this can contain thousands of documents depending on their various sizes. They are great and useful to back up your files and documents. The major problem of flash drives is that they can become corrupted when they fall down.