Top 10 Unusual University Degrees In The World

You may have been familiar with some household name university degrees. But there are so many unusual degrees that may baffle you but it is highly promising. Let’s take you around

Top 10 Unusual University Degrees In The World

1. M S in FORESIGHT. Houston University USA

Being a Professional futurist” is a real occupation, and Foresight is a real degree where you can earn to step up your career. A futurist isn’t a psychic or a time traveler, and they don’t predict the future. But a futurist studies trends and changes in a scientific and systematic way to arrive at plans for what might occur in the future. A futurist job, whether in business, or any other field, is to anticipate what might likely happen based on influences, motivations, and other influences. And in that way, the organizations or the clients a futurist is working for can prepare so they can have an advantage over their competition.

2. BS in PACKAGING SCIENCE. Clemson University.

Packaging design and engineering have touche basically every sphere of modern life – not just storage and retail, but shipping, and also every step of the supply chain. Ranging from raw materials to the shelf, the packaging is everywhere, and this makes it the third-largest industry by some estimates.

3.Bs in ECOGASTRONOMY. The University of New Hampshire.

In this our culture of fast food and waste, if there are alternatives that are healthier for
environments and humans it will be a priority for many. urban gardening, composting, backyard chickens – those small changes that started just as trends have now turned into movements, and higher education is beginning to catch up. Ecogastronomy – which is the study of how food and environment intersect and influence each other – is a critical new interdisciplinary field of study.

4. Be in NAUTICAL ARCHAEOLOGY. Texas A&M University.

You may not have heard of nautical archeology, but it’s the key to studying and understanding the past. The Program focuses on areas of study like ship construction, trade routes and ports, and the hands-on techniques for finding and preserving artifacts.

5. Bs in BIOMIMICRY. Arizona University.

This is the study of natural patterns which help humans to emulate so as to be able to solve problems in design and engineering.

6. Bs in ETHICAL HACKING. Dakota State University.

Ethical hacking gives students the lowdown on cybersecurity, testing for weaknesses, it fortifies student in managing hacking incidents and more.

7. PSYCHOMETRIC. Boston College.

This is about the systematic study of psychological factors, such as skills, intelligence, and
personal traits. It has to do with everything ranging from surveys and questionnaires to tests like the SAT and the GRE, the field of study brings together psychology and statistics to a fuller picture.

8. PAIN MEDICINE. University of Southern Calethically

Pain management has come a long way in the last century. In that time, we’ve progressed from looking at pain as a minor issue to taking it as sickness. All sides of pain management and treatment are complex, and having degree programs basically dedicated to pain medicine are a vital thing making sure that the medical field has the best and most current research and knowledge.

9. FERMENTATION SCIENCES. Appalachian State University.

While alcohol might be on the forefront, fermentation is involved in all sorts of products and processes. We are now aware of how healthy our fermented foods can be, and we have also come to understand the complexity of our digestive system is, and how many little organisms work together to keep us well. With all that, fermentation science sounds like a pretty promising career path.

10. DIGITAL CURRENCY. The University of Nicosia.

This field of study gives students a full immersion in digital currency, from the technical
elements of how it works to the social and economic understanding of how it affects modern life.