10 Best Rice Cookers in Nigeria and Prices

Today’s post reviews the 10 Best Rice Cookers in Nigeria, their features and Prices.
At some point in time, we could recall how our most satisfying meal was ruined. It was either the rice is overcooked and sticks together in clumps or it is under-cooked and completely unappealing with a bad taste. In both cases, we have no option than eat it the way it is or find another option of getting something appealing to eat.

The introduction of Rice Cookers into the array of kitchen gadgets has made things far too easy which happen to be the good news that technology advancement has brought to us.
Rice Cookers are regular in cooking rice properly, this is just to avoid soggy rice, smoke-filled kitchens and burnt pots.

The list below comprises of the 10 best rice cookers in Nigeria with their prices and features.

They can all be found on one of the online stores in the country at very affordable price ranges.

1. Crown Star Rice Cooker – 1.8 Liters – Silver 

10 Best Rice Cookers in Nigeria and Prices
Image Credit: DealDey

This is also a deep fryer, and it serve for multiple purposes as well. Crown Star Rice Cooker is made up of a non-stick inside that makes the washing and cleaning purpose easy and simple. The cooker also come with a steamer that gives access to cooking different dishes without taking much surface space in the kitchen.
Its features include affordability, durability, easy to clean, keeps food warm, capacity of 1.8 liters, dish washer and insulated handles.
Price range: N7,500 to N10,000.

2. Saisho 2.8Ltr Rice Cooker S-408 
This happens to be a popular brand when considering home appliances and gadgets in Nigeria. It is very affordable and it’s one of the best and highly rated rice cookers in the country.
Its basic features include Cooking Pan Type is Non-stic, Functions are Cooking and Steaming, Capacity of 6 cups and Lid Type is Tempered Glass.
Price: ₦9,800

3. Kenwood Rice Cooker White RC410 

10 Best Rice Cookers in Nigeria and Prices
Image Credit: Decorhubng.com

This appliances comes with stylish designs. It is used for steaming vegetables and cooking rice as well. It is made with compact design and contains many interesting features such as, measuring cup for correct serving, Automatic control, steaming tray, Glass lid to monitor food, Stylish and practical, Capacity of up to 10 cups and Keeps food warm.
Price: ₦13,810

4. Moulinex Inicio 2 Rice Cooker 1.8 Litre 
This rice cooker has a transparent lid that allows you monitor and observe your food while still cooking. Though it is time consuming, it keep the food warm until it is ready to be served and it’s best for family use.
Its features include Removable steam shield, Power 560 W, Removable bowl, Cool to touch, Easy to clean, accessories, Glass lid to monitor food, a bowl capacity of 5 Liters and Keeps food warm,
Price is N23,400

5. Master Chef Rice Cooker – 3 Litres

10 Best Rice Cookers in Nigeria and Prices
Image Credit: Mariano’s Kitchen

This cooker has been in existence for over a decade with a wide collection of options to choose from. Master Chef Rice Cooker is very helpful in preparing variety of rice.
Its features are durability, High quality, Capacity is 3 litres, Quick Boiling and Non-stick interior.
Price: ₦8,350

6. Panasonic Rice Cooker SR-W 18FGS 1.8 Litres 
Another very pronounced name in home appliances, with variety of options to choose from. Its features include the following: Capacity of 1.8 L, Non-stick, Power consumption of 600W, Power supply of 220V 50Hz, accessories and Keeps food warm.
Price: ₦18,000

7. Bajaj Rice Cooker – 1.8L

10 Best Rice Cookers in Nigeria and Prices
Image Credit: Nigerian Wives Connection

This rice cooker model comes in a very sophisticated and modern design.
It is very safe and easy to use, giving room to quick rice preparation.
Bajaj Rice Cooker is also easy to clean.
Price: ₦14,500
Key Features: Dual Compatibility-with Induction Cooker and Gas Stove, Easy to clean, Eco-friendly, Modern Ceramic Cookware with nano-Technology Coating, Non-stick and Keeps food warm.

8. Eurosonic Rice Cooker – (3.0L)- Red 
This is one of the easiest to use, operate and maintained home rice cooking appliances, offering stress-free means of preparing rice to perfection and it comes in a bright red colour.
Features: Safe to use, Eco-friendly, Modern Ceramic Cookware with Nano-Technology Coating, Non-stick cooker, Dual Compatibility-with Induction Cooker and Gas Stove, Heat resistant, Keeps food warm and Easy to clean.

9. Binatone 2.8 L Rice Cooker RCSG-2804 – White 
Binatone is another reliable brand when considering home appliances. Binatone is known for producing standard products. It is recommended for use in every home.
Features: Warranty of 2 Years, Keeps food warm, Capacity of 2.8 L, Power (950W, 220-240V, 50Hz), Basket for steaming and Removable non-stick rice bowl.

10. QASA 2.8L Rice Cooker QRCSG-2800 
A brightly designed colored cooker that adds some beauty to the kitchen.
QASA rice cooker is best for preparing more quantity of rice for those special family meals with its quick rice preparation.
It has the following features: Power Voltage of 230V 50Hz, Durability, Non-stick bottom, Capacity of 2.8L(15 cups), Transparent glass lid etc.
Price: ₦12,350.