5 Best Rice Cookers in Nigeria and Prices

The present post audits the 10 Best Rice Cookers in Nigeria, their highlights and Prices.

Sooner or later in time, we could review how our most fulfilling supper was destroyed. It was either the rice is overcooked and sticks together in bunches or it is under-cooked and totally unappealing with a terrible taste. In the two cases, we have no alternative than eat it the manner in which it is or discover another choice of getting something speaking to eat.

The presentation of Rice Cookers into the variety of kitchen devices has influenced things very simple which happens to be the uplifting news that innovation progression has conveyed to us.

Rice Cookers are customary in cooking rice appropriately, this is simply to evade wet rice, smoke-filled kitchens and consumed pots.

The rundown beneath involves the 5 best rice cookers in Nigeria with their costs and highlights.

They would all be able to be found on one of the on-line stores in the nation at extremely reasonable value ranges.

1. Crown Star Rice Cooker – 1.8 Liters – Silver

5 Best Rice Cookers in Nigeria and Prices
Image Credit: DealDey

This is likewise a profound fryer, and it fill for different needs also. Crown Star Rice Cooker is comprised of a non-stick inside that makes the washing and cleaning reason simple and straightforward. The cooker likewise accompany a steamer that offers access to cooking diverse dishes without consuming much surface room in the kitchen.

Its highlights incorporate reasonableness, toughness, simple to clean, keeps sustenance warm, limit of 1.8 liters, dish washer and protected handles.
Value extend: N7,500 to N10,000.

2. Saisho 2.8Ltr Rice Cooker S-408

5 Best Rice Cookers in Nigeria and Prices
Image Credit: Kilimall Nigeria

This happens to be a well known brand while thinking about home apparatuses and devices in Nigeria. It is extremely reasonable and it’s truly outstanding and very appraised rice cookers in the nation.

Its essential highlights incorporate Cooking Pan Type is Non-stic, Functions are Cooking and Steaming, Capacity of 6 containers and Lid Type is Tempered Glass.
Cost: ₦9,800

3. Kenwood Rice Cooker White RC410

5 Best Rice Cookers in Nigeria and Prices
Image Credit: DealDey

This machines accompanies a stylish outlines. It is utilized for steaming vegetables and cooking rice too. It is made with minimized plan and contains many intriguing highlights, for example, estimating container for redress serving, Automatic control, steaming plate, Glass cover to screen nourishment, Stylish and useful, Capacity of up to 10 mugs and Keeps sustenance warm.
Cost: ₦13,810

4. Moulinex Inicio 2 Rice Cooker 1.8 Liter

5 Best Rice Cookers in Nigeria and Prices
Image Credit: Yaoota

This rice cooker has a straightforward cover that permits you screen and watch your nourishment while it is cooking. In spite of the fact that it takes a lot of time, it keep the nourishment warm until the point that it is prepared to be served and it’s best for family utilize.

Its highlights incorporate Removable steam shield, Power 560 W, Removable bowl, Cool to contact, Easy to clean, embellishments, Glass top to screen nourishment, a bowl limit of 5 Liters and Keeps sustenance warm,
Cost is N23,400

5. Ace Chef Rice Cooker – 3 Liters

5 Best Rice Cookers in Nigeria and Prices
Image Credit: Expert Reviews

This cooker has been in presence for over 10 years with a wide accumulation of choices to browse. Ace Chef Rice Cooker is exceptionally useful in planning assortment of rice.

Its highlights are toughness, High quality, Capacity is 3 liters, Quick Boiling and Non-stick inside.
Cost: ₦8,350