7 Apps Every Musician Must Have on Their Smartphone

There are certain apps every musician must have on their Smartphone in order to step up their music career. These technological musical apps are compactable with your smartphones and tablets. They are idea music app for aspiring singers, music wannabes and established musical artiste. I will be itemizing the 7 musical apps that can be found on the Google Play Store for your Smartphone device.

7 APPS Every Musician Must Have on Their Smartphone

Apps Every musician Must Have on Their Smartphone

1.   Apps Every musician Must Have: Perfect Ear

This app teaches you how to listen to sound by training your ear and you can also detect chord progression while playing your guitar. This app can be used for rhythm, pitch training, and note singing. The perfect ear has been recommended by music professionals. The importance of ear training is a must as a musical artiste. The app can be downloaded for free but you can still buy additional stuff that is related to this app.

  1. Apps Every musician Must Have: Caustic 3

Caustic 3 is used in creating songs and it has been optimized for Smartphone devices. It is suitable for the vocal-centric and electronic style. The app functions like fruity loops. It has a mixer desk, master section, sample rigs, song sequencer and effect rack. As a result of what the app possesses, one can recommend it to his friends than the other ones.

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  1. Apps Every musician Must Have: Metronome Beats:

Metronome Beats is more like a timer (tick, tock). This app supports 1 to 300 beats per minute. It can also start the first beat of a bar. As a musician, you can tap the screen to create your own beat, which implies you can modify the metronome beats to the way you like. The app supports background play. You can still do other things with other apps as the beat is going one. This makes it unique among every other musical app.

  1. Apps Every musician Must Have: BandLab

This musical app can be found on Android and it is changing the music world because of its significance. Musicians find it easier to record and produce any music of their choice. BandLab has a 12-track mix editor that can carry out unlimited music projects with its various musical effects.  Most musical editing apps work well with electronic music. Live musical instruments can be attached to it.

5.  Apps Every musician Must Have: SongKey Finder

The interface of this app is simple but it looks great. It is being used to find the key of a song using various means such as: finding the key to a live music and the key to a local music that is on your device. The unique thing about this app is it has an awesome accuracy in finding the key of a song. If you are in doubt, you can try it out.

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6. Apps Every musician Must Have: Vivace

This app teaches you how to read a piece of music. Music beginners and advanced musicians will find Vivace exciting. It has a number of 15 key signatures, five more clefs that are popular, step-by-step tutorials and lots more. You can watch the trainer as he or she gives you tutorial and then you can practice what you are learning. When you know how to read sheet music, then you have a valuable skill in your hands.

  1. Apps Every musician Must Have: MuseScore

This is another way of learning sheet music by listening to the notes attentively and also changing the music tempo. It has various music sheet options. MuseScore is also available in a desktop version. The desktop can help you notate music. Your song can be uploaded as long it is in the required format. It will take time for you to be used to this app. One of the advantages of this app over other music apps is: staff can be resized, melody transposition, metronome and lot more.