7 Best Fitness Apps for Android in 2018

In this technology era that we are right now, everything is now possible to achieve and there are several fitness apps for Android in the Google play store. All these fitness apps for Android have their own function such as calorie intake, the amount of water you have taken, and distance covered.

Best Fitness Apps for Android in 2018


Best Fitness Apps for Android in 2018

The following is the list of fitness apps for android in 2018

  1. Fitness Apps for Android: FitNotes

This app contains all forms of fitness mantra and it is not complicated to use. It has been modified in a way you can keep a record of the schedule of your workout. Several options such as exercise database, routines calendars and workout logs have been provided for the user to keep the record. This allows a trainer and a trainee to have a good record of their workout history.

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  1. Runkeeper

Runkeeper is one of the fitness apps for android. The name alone has shown what it is being used for. The app keeps a record of your number of runs using GPS. There are also additional features such as training plans, running groups etc. This app can also be integrated with other related health apps such as Fitbit and music app (Spotify).

  1. Sworkit: Workouts & Fitness Plans

Sworkit is one of the awesome best fitness apps for Android that one can use to keep their body fit. It has an attractive user interface that one can use easily. When your profile and motives are created you are good to go. What you will see on the dashboard are cardio, yoga, strength and stretching exercises that are being demonstrated by professional trainers. Their database contains several bodyweight exercises ranging from 5 minutes to a full schedule of training.

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  1. JEFIT

Jefit is part of the best fitness apps for Android and is a gym app for people who want to monitor their progress and also regular workout routine. This app is well known and it is used by over 8million users. The developer of this app has added over 1,300 exercises that have to do with high-intensity training, weightlifting. They also have prerecorded personalized training for different body types.

  1. Google Fit

The developer of the app is Google and it tracks all your daily activities. In Google fit you can adjust the benchmark based on burnt calories, time, and distance. It has integration with android wear which has made it so useful for all smart users. All android devices can make use of the app. You can monitor your fitness progress from anywhere at any time.

  1. Calorie Counter – My Fitness Pal

This app is being created for a fitness freak and anything that is related to fitness. Whether you want to burn some fat, you can make use of this Calorie counter that is part of the fitness apps for android. It has a huge food database that helps to track your eating habit.

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  1. Runtastic Running App

This is another fitness app for Android runners. It has a friendly interface; this is one of the well-recognized running apps. This app monitors your sprint or run by time, distance, elevation, and also the number of calories that your body has burned. Another feature of this app is walking distance tracker to monitor your day to day walking distance. The runtastic running app has been integrated with music apps.