7 SEO Habits to Stop In 2018 to Avoid Being Penalized

The word ‘SEO’ is one of the most discussed words in Google and there are some SEO habits to stop. Google has changed the way they rank content in the search engine. Using the methods can put your website in danger. SEO is a topic that one has to have proper understanding. Although it might sound easy you will discover for yourself. Many people that are into content writing, blogging, need to know that there are SEO habits to stop.

7 SEO Habits to Stop In 2018 to Avoid Being Penalized

7 SEO Habits to Stop in 2018

  1. Analytics are Everything

Analytic is one of the SEO habits to stop because you will be limiting yourself to good SEO. The purpose of SEO is not only for gaining traffic but for boosting conversion and continuous traffic. The difference between this and paid traffic is you only get traffic when you have spent money. By using keywords in your contents help your website to rank.

2. Duplicating content                                                                                                 This is another SEO habit to stop by publishing the same content in the same blog. This kills the originality or uniqueness in the contents. Google frowns at plagiarism and search engines don’t see those contents as being unique. This can kill your website and drive visitors away from your website. It is better to have contents that are relevant and original. Another thing to note is you don’t have to create several contents using one keyword.

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3. Spammy Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the SEO habits to stop considering the fact it was being regarded as among the best SEO strategies. This is now something that can cause a problem and it is seen as black hat techniques. This method is used by bloggers that are lazy to work and are also looking for a way out. There is legitimate guest blogging can boost your website in terms of authority and eliminates SEO habits to stop.

4.   Creating one page for each keyword variation

Back then, a keyword was used for one keyword but now a keyword is used for the entire subject (topic).  When you make use of a keyword for a page, your contents won’t add value to your user. One thing you should be aware of is visitors coming to your side need valuable contents that will stand the test of time. This is one of the kinds of SEO habits to stop.

5.  Not fixing technical problems

Most websites have technical issues that have killed their Alexa ranking and search performances. This is part of the SEO habits to stop because people want to attract links with good contents. Whereby there’s a technical issue in your blog it will affect the SEO. Examples of these technical issues are; mobile responsiveness, duplicate contents, slow page loading time and lot more.

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  1. Focusing on Keywords

Formally, people were fond of repeating the same keywords in the same text but this doesn’t count anymore. It is now seen as bad SEO habit you need to stop. When you are using keywords you are creating awareness to Google that you are trying to manipulate their algorithms. As a result of this, you can be blacklisted by search engines. One way to go about this is using keywords in places they fit naturally and you can also make use of LSI graph.

7. External content

Plagiarism one of the major SEO habits, there are various forms of plagiarism: cloning, CTRL-C, Find-Replace, Remix, Recycle, Hybrid, Mashup, 404 Error, Aggregator, and Re-tweet. Your site will not well rank when you steal or duplicate people’s content on the internet.

Conclusion:  All these are the bad SEO habits to stop in order to make your website have authority in search engines.