Hair Dryer Machines Price in Nigeria, Review and Where to Buy

Hair Dryer Machines Price in Nigeria, Review and Where to Buy

Hair Dryer Machines are really cheap and less expensive to purchase this days, although there are a lot of online shops to buy dryer machines at a very cheap/less expensive price.

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One of the most important equipment in setting up hair dressing Salon is Hair dryer machines. It can as well be bought and use at home privately.

A good hair dryer serves as a basic hair dressing and styling tool. A powerful dryer with multi-heat settings can aid in achieving a professional-grade hair styling performance even at the comfort of our own homes, be it barrel curling, blow drying or setting your hair in place.

Hair Dryer Machines Price in Nigeria, Review and Where to Buy
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A professional hair dryer comes with one or more heat settings and a cooling option, a powerful motor with high wattage, ionic technology, a diffusion nozzle, a swivel cord and directional nozzle. Some of the most important elements of a good hair dryer is speed, Power and heat settings, these features ensure that we create our desired styles and get the needed looks.

Now let’s take a look at the Ionic technology, this is a relatively new advancement in the hair dryer history. This technology comes with the promises of smooth and less damaging drying experience, the result while styling is always healthier hair. The Ionic hair dryer works by adding negative ions to already positively charged hair, this allows the water molecules to enter deep into the hair, holding moisture at the core and boosting the health and hydration of the hair, this process gives the hair an healthier look than the regular hair dryer.

We will now take a look at the different types of dryers and their prices.There are many types of hair dryers. The most notable ones are;

1. Standing Hair Dryer Machines.

This standing hair dryer is a professional dryer that features a boost of 850 watt motor to increase the power output. The dryer is designed with the sole aim of heating the hair gently without causing any damage when styling the hair. It is made of a concentration nozzle that directs the condensed air to the desired direction controlling frizzling. It is fast in drying the hair, as it doesn’t take hours to get the hair dried. Standing Hair Dryer Machines is also used in styling the hair since its sole purpose is not for drying hair.

Standing Hair Dryer Machines features include a double speed control, Low Noise, Strong Air Flow, Light Weight, Nozzle Attachment, Adjustable Heat Setting, 850W Power.

The Price of Standing Hair Dryer Machine in Nigeria is about ₦5,210. Though the price is susceptible to changes with time.

Hair Dryer Machines Price in Nigeria, Review and Where to Buy
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2. Portable hand hair dryer Machines: is a compact-stylish hair dryer, most suitable for bathrooms use. The dryer comes with a 2 speed setting and cool shot button giving that flexible hands to style that hair as required for that perfect and excellent looks. This gets friend envy a salon styled hair on a daily basis. It has a silence motor and concentrator outlet design. The equipment fits perfectly on a wall bathroom consuming minimal space.

Its key features include the following: Silent Motor, Concentrator, 2 Speed Settings, Hanging Loop, Power 1400-1600W and Cool Shot Button.

3. Hanging Hair Dryer Machine

This dryer has the following generic features, Superior Quality and Great Value for Money, Effective & Reliable. It has a price range of N150,000 to N160,000. Though the price is susceptible to changes at any point in time.