Top 10 things Your Smartphone can do

There are many things your Smartphone can do but many people are just reluctant to know all the basic functions of their Smartphones. Some mobile users only know how to make calls, receive calls, browse and chats etc. While some use their Smartphone to play games.

Having an in-depth knowledge about what your Smartphone can do, goes a long way in maximizing the potential of your phone. There are modern apps and also unseen features that are inside your Smartphone. These apps make your Smartphone more enjoyable and easier for you to use.

Top 10 things Your Smartphone can do

10 Things your Smartphone can do

This following is the list of things your Smartphone can do below:

  1. Monitor your heart:

If you doubt what your Smartphone can do in terms of your health, then you are lost. It can monitor your heart rates in order to check your fitness levels. There is a mobile app in the Google play store it is called Instant Heart Rate. You place the tip of your finger on your phone for 10 seconds, it will detect the color change in your finger and from there it will calculate your pulse rate.

  1. Measure height and distance:

There’s a mobile app that you can install in your Smartphone that you can use to check the sizes of a room and also measure the distance across your yard. If you have that app in your Smartphone, then your Smartphone can do the same.

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  1. Translation of foreign languages:

Translation of foreign languages has become so easy because your Smartphone can do this. When you point the video camera of your Smartphone at any printed materials such as journals, magazines, and Newspapers etc. The app will translate what your camera is viewing into a language you have selected.

  1. Mail a postcard:

With the availability of a postcard on the Run app your Smartphone can take a picture within a microsecond, then make it customize with a message and your signature. This makes it easier for you to generate your custom paper postcard and mailed it out.

  1. Digitize documents:

CamScanner on your phone allows you take photos of documents and then convert it instantly to a high-quality JPG or PDF file format. The CamScanner scan your work without you looking for any large office scanner. Your Smartphone does this with the help of this app.

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  1. Creation of high-security password:

Your Smartphone can generate a high secured password that will be difficult for people to unlock. This helps you to prevent hackers and unwanted people gain access to your important documents. This makes your Smartphone highly secured.

  1. Take a screenshot:

The functionality of a Smartphone has made it so easy to screenshot images or what takes place on your screen. You can then save the screenshot in your mobile storage for later use. This is one of the things your Smartphone can do. For instance, you can decide to screenshot the home page of your Smartphone.

  1. Change the dimension of text:

People having an eye problem or finding it difficult to read a text from the screen of their Smartphone can change their text font. In order to make your Smartphone do this, you can go to your phone setting and from there, an option will be provided for you to change the font size.

  1. Customization of vibration mode patterns:

Another thing your Smartphone can do is modifying the vibration into several patterns. This is being done by choosing a vibration for a particular caller. This mobile functionality can be found with Android phones and iPhones.

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  1. Turning off your music automatically:

Many people fall asleep when they are listening to music on their Smartphone. You can turn off the music on your Smartphone automatically after a long period of time in order to reserve some battery for yourself.

All these are the top 10 things your Smartphone can do.