Top 3 Mobile App Development Trends to Follow

Top 3 Mobile App Development Trends to Follow


Smartphones have become an extension of our existence from the past few years. They have given us access to versatile applications making our everyday lives easier than we could ever imagine. We are moving deeper and deeper into the mobile technology era. Each Mobile app development company today is competing to develop robust apps with their state of the art mobile app development services in industries such as business, gaming, fitness, health etc.

2018 has brought new trends in the mobile app development arena. To create new ideas and drive innovation, mobile app development companies need to keep up with these top 3 trends for increasing the demand for their apps:

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Who doesn’t know about virtual and augmented reality? Being in connection with a 3D world immersed with artificial effects by using a headset is a feeling like no other. Both these technologies have turned the entertainment and gaming world upside down. The transformation is heavy. Developers are working day and night to come up with extravagant trends to enhance the gaming experience through the VR and AR apps. Brands such as Walmart, Cadbury, Starbucks, IKEA, and Volvo etc. have already started using augmented reality. It’s time medium and small-scale companies offering mobile application development services incorporate these technologies into their apps too. Statistics say that by 2015, the worldwide user base for VR and AR game apps will grow to 216 million users.


Blockchain is that digital ledger of economic transactions which doesn’t just record financial transactions but almost everything of value. Whether you offer iPhone or Android app development services, don’t ignore the worth of blockchain. It can add value to how we do business and that time isn’t far when it will be more prevalent in our daily lives. Blockchain protocol can be used to make digital transactions in business more accessible since it helps minimize financial fraud and systemic risk. Blockchain is here to stay. It has the potential of providing new underlying technology for mobile apps. All thanks to its encryption and data integrity features, its irreversible ledge is being used to facilitate mobile payments.  Logistics and retail industries have started using it too because it improves efficiency.

Blockchain keeps records of the history of asset transfers of digital transactions in blocks. These blocks and linked with each via a hashing function which is a cryptographic validation used to create a hash linked chain. So, developers will have to use transaction and ledger model to use this technology in app development.

Artificial Intelligence

Another major trend we will see in the mobile app development world is the formation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. The AI apps are all set to provide business owners with advanced cognitive interfaces for complex systems, analytics and machine learning tech.

AI is an extremely powerful personalization tool because it gathers insights from information, searches and buying habits of users. Each individual who uses apps built on AI enjoys a unique experience because it offers recommendations on the basis of individual preferences.  These apps can boost engagement and enhance customer satisfaction. TacoBot, Starbucks Barista, and Amazon Go are few of the popular AI apps. They pay attention to the user behavior and predict what they might enjoy. AI creates an algorithm that teaches machines to process information just like the human brain.  As Artificial intelligence is making its way into app development, developers who have comprehensive understanding of AI will be in demand. AI is not just extending into mobile apps, it is slowly moving in our homes, computers and other items of personal and business use. So developers of an Android and iPhone app development company will need more than just the standard codes to develop innovative and creative apps.

You are also going to see Chatbots, MHealth apps, cross-platform apps, and Android instant apps in the trends. There is a lot more yet to come. You can only expect things to get bigger and bigger. The innovations happening on everyday basis can solve big problems and change the lives of people on a large scale. If a mobile app development company wants to survive in this competitive time and design and develop apps that are engaging, it must keep up with the industry trends. For more information you can visit