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Top 5 Best South African Medical Aid Rewards Plans

Medical aid reward plans was established to support and encourage members to live more  healthier and active lives.In some of the plans they offer discounts on particular products and services. Others actively reward members for exercising and eating healthily , giving points for healthy behaviours that can be exchanged for discounts or goods.In this article we want to examine top 5 best south african medical aid rewards plans.

5 Best South African Medical Aid Rewards Plans

1.Momentum: “Multiply”

With Momentum’s Multiply rewards package, members can choose from verities of added benefits, such as leisure, shopping ,a range of health-related products and discounts on travel.

there are several other benefits  available to Multiply members.Just as there are reward points, which you can use to claim for discounts, Among these are:

  • NuMetro Movie tickets from R15.
  • discounts on car rentals
  • 20% to 40% discounts on return international flights via Emirates or Virgin Atlantic
  • up to 16.5% cash back on purchases from DisChem pharmacies
  • up to 80% discount on membership at Virgin Active or Planet Fitness gyms

5 Best South African Medical Aid Rewards Plans

2.Liberty: “Own Your Life”

Liberty’s “Own Your Life” rewards plan give  members the apportunity  to discounts and free offers from a wide range of partner companies. Among these are:

  • Vodacom.
  • Exclusive Books online
  • Sun International Hotels
  • Hertz Rent-a-Car
  • Col’Cacchio
  • Avis Car Rental
  • NuMetro
  • Virgin Active

Once you’re a member of the “Own Your Life” program,one way you can redeem your  points that you earn is by visiting the program website there you will be able to  print a coupon or  having the coupon sent to you through SMS on your mobile or getting it through electronic code which you can use to redeem on online purchases.With the help of the membership card You can also simply present it at relevant establishments to claim discounts.

Discovery Vitality

3.Discovery: “Vitality”

Discovery:Vitality is a reward  programe very popular in  South Africa’s . It actually  help members to know t the present condition  of their health and improve upon it, giving points for healthy behaviours.

you are also entitle to 25% cash back on a range of

  • Adidas and other active or sports gear
  • personal wellness products and services
  • healthier foods


BestMed - Just Rewards

4.BestMed: “Just Rewards”

It Provid members with instant incentives to get fit, this  program helps  you benefit right away without having to accumulate any points. It offers weekly specials on everything from magazines and food , to flight prices,  concerts, sporting events, hotels,electricians, and plumbers.


5.Resolution Health: “Zurreal4Life”

Zurreal4Life give out  the usual benefits, such as discounts at services and for select stores.If you’re a member of Zurreal4life, you’ll  be able to enter various competitions and also qualify for legal assistance benefits. If you are a pets owner, they’ll be included in the rewards too – pet accident cover is included in the Zurreal4Life package.