Top 5 Online Dating Apps that are Better than Tinder

There are so many online dating apps but many online users are used to surfing tinder. This is the right time for users to make use of other online dating apps. We don’t have to neglect these online dating apps because we can have a serious date from there.

Top 5 Online Dating Apps that are Better than Tinder

5 Online Dating Apps that are better than Tinder

  1. Online Dating Apps: Hater

This is one of the online dating apps that are still new. The web developers of this app have made use of the idea of “from love to hate only one step, and back even less.” The motive of this app is to search for potential friends not based on what people love, but a different thing entirely – on things that we can’t stand.

In general, the foundation for affairs is no worse than any other. Sometimes in our lives, we want to talk about how we hate long traffic jams with someone or something that disgust us. Presently, this app can offer over 2 thousand topics that people seem to hate. The main idea is to discuss issues that you have hatred for.

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  1. Online Dating Apps: Happn

Didier Rappaport is the founder of this app. He has been in the information technology industry for over ten years. Didier sees Happn as his best project that he has ever created. Happn makes use of hyper geolocation technologies.

This implies the app shows you only people that you have seen in the real world. This could be people such as people you saw while you were shopping, your fellow workers, and fellow boarders in an aircraft. This is one of the online dating apps that you don’t have to schedule a date; you just hang out in a place you are already familiar with. In happn, if you see someone that attracts your attention, you can click on the heart. This will increase your chances of communication with the person. Another method is by sending a user that you admire a so-called charm which represents a deep sympathy. This online dating app is mainly for those that reside in metropolitan cities

  1. Online Dating Apps: Badoo

This is a well-recognized dating network in the world. Every user on Badoo indicates the main aim of their registration, whether it’s a merely for communication or looking for a date.  It also shows you people that live close to your area or people you have come across the city. Among other online dating apps, Badoo has an interface that the user can interact with.

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  1. Online Dating Apps: MyLove

MyLove is an easy and understandable service that helps you communicate with the opposite gender or help you search for a serious relationship. MyLove Users can gain access to the profile of other users, search by geolocation, and write a comment on their photos. There is a chance for other users to get familiar with you when once you have a profile photo.

When using this app, you can pick a country that you want or search if someone wants to have a communication with those that live abroad. This is a great avenue to have a cross-border marriage. One of the advantages of using MyLove is that you don’t have to subscribe.

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  1. Online Dating Apps: Pure

The Pure online dating app was made mainly for sex-dating. This is a very honest app that does not flirt with users, but describe things as they are: “You’re handsome, it’s time for us to see.”

Enter your sexual category, the gender of the preferred partner, upload your profile photo. When using Pure, you don’t have to log in through a social network or register an account. This app doesn’t store user data and this makes it so confidential. All you need to do is to know your personal security by heart.