Android Auto is Now Supported on Over 500 Cars and Head Units


Android Auto is Now Supported on Over 500 Cars and Head Units

Google’s in-car interface, Android Auto, has been a selling avenue for so many users with newer cars or even head units, and there’s no shortage of options to pick from. Currently, over 500 cars and head units support Android Auto…

Furthermore, tech giants especially Android Police,  unarguably, less than a year ago in line with Android Auto boasted over 400 options for cars and head units that supported the interface. As we speak, that number has grown by another hundred, outranking Apple which has just passed 400. Growth is clearly slowing down for Google here in terms of new partners, but there’s still some partners such as Toyota and BMW who could sign on to support Auto.

But in spite of all this, it is rather sad that those partners haven’t expressed interest in the platform just yet despite supporting Apple’s CarPlay.

Google may also have options to grow with Android Automotive, the negatively integrated version of Android that gets baked right into a new car. Progress on that continues even though we’ve not seen it debut on a consumer-ready car just yet.

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