Review on Gucci Store in Nigeria

Review on Gucci Store in Nigeria Location and Contact Address Details


Have you ever stopped for once to think about all the hypes about the Gucci online Stores? Especially Gucci stores in Nigeria? No you haven’t for sure. Lets take a look at Gucci stores from the history point of view.

Gucci is a reputable Italian label of fashion and leather products such as clothing, bags, sandals, belts, etc. 

Furthermore, it might interest you to know that in the first three quarters of 2017, around 55% of Gucci’s sales were made to consumers under 35, a ccording to the Wall Street Journal.  Additionally. In April, research analysts at Piper Jaffray conducted a survey of 6,000 teens across the United States and found that Gucci was No. 10 on the list of teens’ favorite apparel brands.

Notably, in May 2014, Forbes ranked Gucci as the 36th most valuable brand with value of about 12.4 billion dollars. The person behind this success, Alessandro Michele was made the creative designer of the company.

Gucci’s success comes in part from the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, who has led the brand since 2015. Michele seems to have a keen awareness of what young people want, including bright, eclectic colors and patterns that are engaging, eye-catching, and look good on Instagram.

The brand is also reaping massively from the revival of ’90s style. Logos are back in fashion with younger shoppers, and brands like Gucci, Calvin Klein, Champion, and Tommy Hilfiger are benefiting.

Gucci Store in Nigeria
Gucci Store in Nigeria

Review on Gucci Store in Nigeria Location and Contact Address Details

Another reason luxury brands are becoming more popular among teens — even though they may not be able to afford the products — is the star factor. Young people often see celebrities like Lil Pump and Harry Styles wearing designer brands like Gucci and want to emulate them.

Celebrity stylist Jayneoni Moore told Racked that when teens see entertainers in high fashion, “They may say, ‘Let me save up enough money for a Gucci belt, even if I’m putting on my Target jeans.”

To see what the hype is all about, we headed to a Gucci store in Manhattan. Here’s what it was like:

Gucci Stores in Nigeria.

1. Jumia & Konga.

These are trusted online stores where you can buy different kinds of Gucci products like perfumes. Some of these perfumes include For Woman Edp 75ml, Guilty Intense Edp 75ml For Her, Made to Measure Edt 90ml for men, Oud Intense Edp 90ml-Unisex, Sport Edt for Men, Guilty Intense Pour Homme Edt 90ml etc. These perfumes cost N25,000 to N45,000.

2. Obeezi.

This is also a trusted online store in Lagos that is patronized by most Nigerians. You can find more Gucci products here than jumia and Konga. These products include GG Supreme High-Top Sneaker Biege, Gucci Men’s Tracksuit Navyblue Brandstyle World, GG Leather Driver with Web Brown, etc.

3. Ajebomarket

This is another trusted online store where you can buy Gucci products like clothes, shoes and wristwatches e.g. Gucci Black Leather Belt, Gucci Black Polo, Gucci Panther Jacket, Gucci Cat Design Jacket, Gucci Tracksuit Black, GG Mr Freedom White Tees, GG Garden Black Tees, GG Blind For Love Theme White Tees, etc.


Now, what you need to take note of is that 

Gucci’s designs are definitely unique compared to more traditional luxury brands, something that millennials — who tend to value experimentation and self-expression — would appreciate.

Review on Gucci Store in Nigeria
Gucci stores in nigeria

Other Gucci Stores in Nigeria Include:

  • Gucci Store, Perfume House


Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel: +23438992069

  • Gucci Store

Inoyo Havens Estate, Ajah,

Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel: +234213323336

  • Gucci Store

19 Admiralty Way, Eti-Osa

Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel: +23491537430

Finally, the ladies sections of Gucci stores in Nigeria and abroad are exceptional and  bustling with a crowd of millennials shoe-shopping.

Here is our opinion, it is highly advisable to buy or order your Gucci products from these trusted and legit online stores carefully listed above. In case you have additional information,kindly use the comments box below.