Top African countries with best educational system or facilities

It is being seen that the educational system of the black man is way backward compared to the development and growth which the world has been getting in recent times.

In Africa, the educational system is failing and not as buoyant as the educational system of the westerners. One of the reasons for this is as a result of the poor teaching and learning facilities in many schools in Africa. Nevertheless, there are some outstanding countries in Africa who has done well in keeping up to the standard of education and literacy in the African continent.

Ghana: Ghana stands today as one of the world’s developed countries in areas of life of which includes culture, sport, politics and education. Education in Ghana can be divided into three different stages: the basic education (which is the kindergarten/nursery, the primary school and the lower or junior secondary school), the secondary education (the upper or senior secondary school, vocational and technical education) and the tertiary education which the third and final stage of education in Ghana comprises of Universities, polytechnics and colleges of education and technology.

The language medium is English language which serves as the official language in Ghana was borrowed from the colonial masters of the Gold Coast territory (Ghana). Education is compulsory in Ghana for young people between the age range of four years to fifteen years. The system of education in Ghana is flexible and quite different from the Nigerian educational system. Most parents and guardians in Nigeria do send their children all the way from Nigeria to Ghana to study. In spite of the top universities and tertiary institutions in Nigeria; most parents still further the education of their wards/children in places such as Ghana because of its educational system.

South Africa: South Africa is another African country with good educational system and facilities. The country’s literacy rate is at a gigantic rate of 95%. According to a new research on the top 50 African universities, South Africa as a country did well as it produced 14 universities, with 8 of them making the top ten list.

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Seychelles: Since the federal government of Seychelles made moves to promote adult education during the 1980’s. It made provision for a free public education for all citizens. The activities spurred the educational sector of the country by making Seychelles one of the most learned and literate countries in the African continent. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) ; a branch of the United Nations Organization set out goals such as a quality of education, improvement of early childhood education, improvement of adult literacy by 50%, provide gender equality in the classroom, to confront the educational need of the youths and adults, give free primary education were set by UNESCO to make the world’s education to grow and it is only Seychelles that has achieved the goals set by UNESCO.

Equatorial Guinea: The literacy rate in Equatorial Guinea is around 95%. The country has made a tremendous effort towards the progress of education. The literacy age in Equatorial Guinea is commonly found among people from 15 years and above.

Cape Verde: The education system marked an improvement in Cape Verde over the past 3 decades. The country is considered as the 4th literate country in Africa. The increase in its literacy lies on the educational system which was put in place shortly after the country gained her independence in the year 1975.