Top Excellent Ways to Overcome Examination Fear

 Excellent Ways to Overcome Examination Fear

Walking into an examination room and knowing  practically that your life will be affected depends solely  upon how you have prepared for any examination.  This can cause symptoms of panic and distress in many people. Keeping calm and applying your knowledge to the questions on your exam becomes very difficult when your brain and body are flooded with stress and tension.

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The thought of taking a test or exam will trigger a panic attack. You will feel sweaty, nervous and upset.

Your heart may race, and you may feel emotional and out of control. You will find it hard to cope with any task while these symptoms are flooding your body. You’ll feel nauseous and possibly lightheaded.  Without further ado, here are the Top Excellent Ways to Overcome Examination Fear 

1. Take A Time Out.

Thinking clearly would be impossible when you are filled with anxiety or fear. The first thing to do is to relax and calm down. Distract yourself by pacing around or anything that suits you.

2. Breathe Through Panic.

When having sweaty palms or increased heartbeat, don’t panic. Simply place your palm on your stomach and breathe in and out slowly.

This helps to set your mind to coping with the panic which reduces the fear which gradually goes away.

3. Face Your Fears.

Examination fear

Facing your fear makes it begin to fade; avoiding them makes them scarier.

4. Imagine The Worst.

Imagining the worst scenarios like you having a heart attack from panicking, this can’t happen and the fear will run the more you chase it.

5. Look At The Evidence.

Challenge fearful thoughts like perhaps you are scarred of getting trapped in an air tight room and suffocating, ask yourself what you would tell a friend in the same situation.

6. Don’t Try To Be Perfect.

Many of us feel that our lives have to be perfect but remember that life is messy, bad days will surely occur.

7. Visualize A Happy Place.

Imagine a calm place, where you are safe. You picture a beach, or childhood memories. You will more relax from the positive thoughts.

8. Talk About It.

Sharing your fears with someone helps a lot. If you are not comfortable telling to family members, partner or friends, you can talk to a complete stranger or go for counseling, psychotherapy, etc.

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9. Go Back to Basics.

Things like good night’s rest, wholesome meals and walk help cure anxiety. Using alcohol or drugs to treat anxiety only makes matters worse.

10. Reward Yourself.

Give yourself a treat e.g. going for a massage, dinner, country walk or getting gifts that makes you happy.

In conclusion, In order to overcome examination fear, Students who are suffering from such cases are likely to experience problems like difficulty in concentrating while studying, confusion, feeling tensed while looking at difficult questions, feeling blank, dizziness, sweating, sleeplessness, etc.

All these factors can cause the student to feel more anxious which can affect his performance during the exam. Hence, students should  endevour to avoid such fear by studying rigorously, try to gather relevant study materials/ past questions. Students should also try praying to God for help and support and also seek the services of a consultant.