How to check Utest Badge rating (2018) for newbies

How to check utest badge rating

How to check Utest Badge rating (2018) for newbies or new members

Do you want to check out your Utest Badge Rating? This is one of the major issue/problem newbie utesters face when trying to apply for a new project as first timers. A tester with a complete and accurately populated profile has a higher chance of receiving projects.

Honestly, many users fail to qualify to Test cycles simply because they dont know their Utest badge Rating.

Here is a Complete Step by Step Guide To Check your  Utest  Badge rating .

First method:
Go to click at the top left corner, after that has been done, a drop down dialogue box will pop out or will appear, you will see your profile name underneath it and there after you will see your utest points. Now,  next to it you will see your  utest badge rating in a hexagon shape.

Diagrammatically, how to check Utest Badge rating (2018) for newbies has been simplified below;



To check utest badge for specific Tests cycles.

Go to at the top left corner you will see a drop down click and scroll down to account & settings then scroll to. Testing history.

You will see your rating in this manner.

Fn ( badge)
Ux (badge)
Ld (badge)
Sc (badge)
Ln (badge)

BR bronze

Also On utest go to your profile scroll down you will see something similar to this.

NB: U means unrate, R-rated, P-proven, S-silver, G-gold

Hopefully this will help.
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