How To Hack Bet9ja Virtual Football Game and Make Money

How To Hack Bet9ja Virtual Football Game and Earn 500k Monthly.

Do you want to hack bet9ja  virtual football game and start generating massive profits daily? Here is the tricks, always play safe. No matter how juicy the odds or options seems like try to always minimize risk. 

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Bet9ja virtual football practically without doubts stands currently as the most promising segment or category to win money in 2018. Football lovers have been asking for Bet9ja soccer  cheat lately, some even go as far as requesting for Bet9ja prediction software and the latest version in 2018. When I see all this questions, I quickly smile and laugh because I know certainly that there is nothing like Bet9ja cheat 2018 or bet9ja virtual correct scores softwares.

Bet9ja according to research and analysis/statistics is the most popular betting website present in Nigeria and by extension Africa.Thousands of people bet on Bet9ja and win every day!

How possible can this be achieved? How real is it?do they do that? Continue reading if you want to know the answer!

How To Hack Bet9ja Virtual Football Game and Earn 500k Monthly.
How To Hack Bet9ja Virtual Football Game and Earn 500k Monthly.



Bet9ja which operates both online and offline (virtual football games and real online soccer games) believes in betting as a form of pure entertainment and guarantees its customers a pleasant recreational experience while remaining aware of the social and financial problems related to betting. Bet9ja has developed a series of measures for responsible betting which allow customers to limit their spending and, if necessary, to choose to exclude themselves for a certain period of time.


If you play you can win or lose. Gambling can be fun, exciting but there is no economic or mathematical certainty because of course, it’s only a game. In the worst cases you buy a little excitement at the right price.
What is the right price? For sure it’s what you can afford to gamble while feeling completely at ease. You decide in advance how much to spend on betting and never exceed that limit. You keep the commitment you have made to yourself. Naturally, we offer you the chance to personalize your daily, weekly and monthly spending limit by simply contacting our customer services.


1. Gamble for fun, don’t look at gambling as a way of making money;
2. Invest in gambling only the amounts of money that you could possibly afford to lose and don’t gamble the money that you need for daily living;
3. Decide how much time to dedicate to gambling and don’t exceed this limit;
4. Decide how much money to invest in your entertainment and respect the decision you have made;
5. Don’t chase losses, accept the outcome as the cost of entertainment;
6. Don’t ask for credit for gambling;
7. Ensure that you know the rules of the game and the house edge;
8. Balance the time that you dedicate to gambling with other leisure activities ;
9. Don’t gamble to escape from loneliness or depression, only gamble for the desire to play and have fun;
10. Do not bet if your clarity has been impaired by alcohol or drugs.


Problem gambling can be recognized by modes of conduct such as a high level of spending, poor work results, relationship difficulties, theft, lying and depression. If gambling becomes a problem then it is no longer entertainment. If gambling worries you take a break. You should decide when and for how long, just contact us.


Check periodically to assess your gambling habits. We would like to help you to better understand them and correct them if necessary. Start from this easy test – it will just take a minute:
1. In the last 12 months, have betting or gambling often caused you problems at work or at home?
2. In the last 12 months, have betting or gambling caused arguments or other serious problems with your family, friends, neighbours or colleagues?
3. In the last 12 months, have you tried to hide the amount that you wanted to bet from family members or friends?
4. Do you sometimes say that you are winning when in reality you are losing?
5. With the passing of time have you had to increase the amount of your betting and gambling to keep it exciting?
6. In the last 12 months, have you used gambling or betting to escape from personal problems or to feel better?
7. In the last 12 months, after having lost money gambling, have you immediately gambled again to try to win back the money lost?
8. In the last 12 months, have you tried to collect money for bets by using false cheques, stealing or by resorting to other illegal acts?
9. In the last 12 months, have you gambled even though you had promised yourself not to do so or have had amounts of bets in excess of or for a longer time period than what you prearranged?
If you have responded yes to more than five questions, betting is no longer a form of entertainment for you and may constitute a serious problem. Therefore seriously consider the possibility of taking a break and seek help.

Protecting minors is a fundamental part of our responsible betting policy. Minors less than 18 years of age are forbidden from opening a betting account with Bet9ja. We immediately check the identity of all customers to prevent the services offered on our website being used by minors.
We furthermore recommend that you install a filter programme such as Net Nanny or Cyper Patrol in order to block access by children and adolescents to the betting site.


If you wish to speak to someone contact our customer services available 08:00 – 21:00, 7 days a week, or contact one of the therapeutic associations recommended by Bet9ja.
Gambling Therapy and Game Care offer help and assistance in professional manner and free to all of those who suffer from problems linked to betting. CREDIT/Source=>Bet9ja

How To Hack Bet9ja Virtual Football Game and Earn 500k Monthly.

Furthermore, if you have been consistently playing bet9ja virtual football without  activating success, this is ultimately the perfect tutorial on how to hack bet9ja and know the outcome of each match, this hack works only for over 1.5 and under 4.5 or 3.5

This bet9ja betting  hack involves using the match day and teams to crack virtual football and decode if the match is playing over 1.5 or under 3.5.

The odd must be between 1.18 to 1.25.  The most interesting part is that this over 1.5 and under 3.5  hardly fails, so you can make as much money as possible

My advice is this , if you’re using this strategy keep rolling over, if you roll over you can make 100,000 to 500k in a day let me explain properly.

Lets assume we bet only over with odds 1.25 and we roll over, lets assume we bet only 20 matches out of the 30 matches in a season and lets assume we bet for 3 seasons a day, that’s we play 20 games per season and we play 3 season every day. Now the odd we place our bet on is 1.25, the possible out come we bet on is over 1.5, every season we bet 20 matches out of the virtual football 30 matches and lets assume we funded with 1000 Naira that’s we are starting this hacking strategy with 1000.

Here is a detailed guide on How To Hack Bet9ja Virtual Football Game and Earn 500k Monthly.


1000 x 1.25   => 1250 (1ST BET WITH 1000)1250 X 1.25  => 1562.5 (2ND BET WE BET EVERY THING IN THE ACCOUNT THAT’S 1250 WHICH IS BOTH THE CAPITAL AND THE 250 EXTRA WE WON)1562.5 X 1.25 => 1953.1 (3RD BET )1953.1 X 1.25 => 2441.4 (4TH BET)2441.4 x 1.25 => 3051.7 (5TH BET)3051.7 X 1.25 => 3814.6 (6TH BET)3814.6 X 1.25 => 4768.4 (7TH BET)4768.4 X 1.25 => 5960.5 (8TH BET)5960.5 X 1.25 => 7450.6 (9TH BET)7450.6 X 1.25 => 9313.3 (10TH BET)
Continue like that till you get to your desired mark.


All you needed to do here is to continue the process again the next season with 9313.3  or the balance which you have,  keep on placing your favorite bet up to the point where you make 500,000.  The moment you make 500,000 logout immediately and withdraw 400,000 while leaving  100,000 so you can keep turning it to 500,000 every day , if you leave 100,000 it becomes easy to make 500,000 because one season is 9.3 odds so 10 odds is 1 season and half or 1 season and one extra bet from the season.

This hack  above on how to Hack Bet9ja Virtual Football Game and Make Money Monthly should be carefully followed because on little error and you could lose everything.

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