Top 10 Things You Need to know about the Yoruba Tribe

There are certain things you need to know about the Yoruba tribe Just like the Obas in Yoruba land. The Yoruba tribe is among the largest ethnic groups we have in West Africa and in Nigeria. Yoruba traditions have grown and developed for several years, leaving a rich Yoruba history in its path. Several Yoruba people have migrated into Lagos an urban environment, a large number of them maintain their old Yoruba history and traditions.It might also interest you to know that some of the richest pastors in Nigeria are of Yoruba indigence, notable among them is Pastor Oyedepo of living faith church.

Top 10 Things You Need to know about the Yoruba Tribe

10 Things to know about the Yoruba Tribe

The following are the ten things you need to know about the Yoruba tribe:

  1. They have more set of twins in the world

Based on their genetics, this is one of the Yoruba cultural facts. They have the highest number of twins than other countries in the world. A lot of people related this due to a chemical that is found in the cassava plant. Another set of people believe this is based on Providence. Even science itself has not been able to prove this fact about the Yoruba tribe.

  1. Their homeland is pretty big

Some part of the things to know about the Yoruba tribe is they also reside in other countries such as Benin, Ghana, Togo and Ivory Coast. In Nigeria, we have over 60 million Yoruba people. The Yoruba people represent 20% of the entire population of Nigeria.In case you’re not aware Folorunsho Alakija, the richest woman in Nigeria currently is also from the Yoruba tribe.

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  1. They believe in traditional religions

The practice of traditional religions is one of the Yoruba cultural facts to know about the Yoruba tribe. Nearly 20% of the Yoruba population still believes in traditional religion. They believe in three gods – Ogun (the god of war), Eshu (the divine messenger) and Olorun (the sky god). They have other deities worshipped in several villages.

  1. Their marriages are arranged

Yoruba marriages are often arranged. The man who wants to marry the bride must show he can pay the bride price. The wedding ceremony usually takes place within nine days. The bride will spend time both at her parents and husband’s house.

  1. Traditional dress isn’t worn very often

They have beautiful and colourful dresses but they have a preference for the modern style of dress. This is part of the things about the Yoruba people. The Yoruba people dress like people in the cities. However, in some rural areas, some people still wear their traditional attire during a special ceremony like a wedding.

  1. Their culture is highly based on folktales and philosophy

The Yoruba history is powerfully based on a lot of folktales, cosmology, philosophy and mythological creatures that exist in both the visible and invisible worlds. There are factually over hundreds of folktales used in the Yoruba culture for people to excel in life.

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  1. They have their traditional cuisine

Yoruba cuisine depends on the crops cultivated in Yoruba land. Most of their indigenous dishes are available in the South West restaurants. Some of these Yoruba foods include plantains, akara, cassava, moin moin, and ekuru jollof.

  1. They think babies have natural birth names

The Yoruba tribe place emphasis on names, and they assume people live their life based on their birth names. This makes them put a lot of energy into birth names. The Yoruba tribe gives birth to twins and they name the first of the twin Taiwo.

  1. They have a concept of life after death

Like other cultures, the Yoruba tribe doesn’t believe that the end of life is death. They are based on the opinion that afterlife will have a new setting. Another Yoruba cultural fact is the ancestors will protect their descendants after their death.

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  1. They have been in Nigeria since prehistoric times

The Yoruba tribe has lived in Nigeria for many thousands of years. Many archaeological findings have proved how the Yoruba culture evolved. The Yoruba culture is the main culture that is practiced in the South West of Nigeria since the 11th century under several empires such as the Oyo and Ife Kingdoms.