5 Best Resume Builder apps for iPhone Users

5 Best Resume Builder apps for iPhone Users

There are several Resume builder apps for iPhone users. They have made it easy for graduates to write an eye-catching resume to get a job. The resume is your first step in getting that dream job of yours. Writing a resume shows your personality to some extent. Your personal profile and educational qualification should be in your resume. Ever since the advent of technology, several innovative products and devices has seemingly made life easy, for example this cool Apps Every Musician Must Have on Their Smartphone can wow your expectancy level.Check out this  Best Fitness Apps for Android in 2018 and make your suggestion via the comment section below.

The apps help you churn out a resume that your employee will admire. Some of these resume builder apps have no charges. Let’s get to know these resume builder apps for iPhone.

 Top 5 Best Resume Builder apps for iPhone Users

Resume Builder apps for iPhone Users

This is the list of cheap or free resume builder apps for iPhone:

  1. Resume Builder apps for iPhone: Resume Star

The user interface is user-friendly that has been organized for your information into different categories.The added advantage of this app allows you to check your resume to know if there are any corrections to be made. It has been proven and tested to check either it’s going to serve its purpose.

The viewing of your resume is to know how your resume will appear after you are done. It comes with a feature that can help you cut down unnecessary words. There are job search engines for you to search for jobs and location. The resume can be created in a PDF format and send to a third party.

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  1. Resume Builder apps for iPhone: CV Designer & Pro Templates

The app has a standard version for you to input your personal objectives and working experience. This is one of the resume builder apps that have almost nine different templates. One out of these nine templates is for free. The rest must be purchased for the sum of $2.99.

You can also use this app to write a cover letter for your resume. There are three different fonts that are available such as Georgia, Arial, and Calibri. You can expand both the vertical and horizontal and vertical margins. After writing the resume, it can be formatted and attach using Apple default Mail client.

  1. Resume Builder apps for iPhone: Resume Maker — Pro CV Designer

Resume Maker is among the resume builder apps for iPhone. There are ten different templates with an easy interface for you to input your personal info. iPod and iPad users can make of resume maker.

It has been programmed in a way that photo can be added directly from the camera or device. Your letters can be customized and signed with your handwritten signature by pressing the push button. Other apps like Evernote, Apple Mail, Dropbox, and Google Drive has been integrated with it.

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  1. Resume Builder apps for iPhone: VisualCV Resume Builder

There are over one million users using a VisualCV resume builder.  You can import that you have in your system that was written with Word. A new resume can be made by using a visual editor or a basic editor. This is one of the resume builder apps for iPhone.

The basic editor allows you input information such as working experience and education. While the visual editor the options increases within the templates – modifications of sizes, margins, and fonts. It doesn’t matter which of the editor you are using. When you are done, you can click the preview button to see the end product of your work.

  1. Resume Builder apps for iPhone: Apple Pages

iPad and iPhone users can make use of this resume app. It is a good app for resume writing. There are six templates and they can be customized, and the following are the formats that can be used in sending resumes such as PDF, ePub, RTF, and Word.

Apple can work with other users in writing your resume and you can get a feed from your friends while getting your resume ready. If you don’t like the default template you can make a payment of $24.99 to have access to 3,000 different templates. This allows you to write different types of resume.

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