INSTRUCTION: Answer ALL the questions.

1. .An applicant seeking employment in an organization should direct his application
to the —– office
A. accounts B. personnel C. production D. sales E. purchasing
2. The principal�s office is an example of ——– office.
A. big B. close C. large D. main E. small
3. Which one of the following departments helps to improve the welfare of
workers in an organization?
A. Accounts B. Administrative C. personnel D. purchasing E. sales
4. Clerical duties are best performed in the
A. company B. market C. ministry D. office E. school

5. Which of the following is correct of commerce?
A. Buying, selling and distribution of goods and services
B. concerns with home trade only
C. Handles foreign trade alone
D. Master to trade E. More reliable than trade

Use the diagram below to answer questions 6-8

1 2 3

The above diagram shows commerce and its components.
Number three (3) on 6the diagram represents
A. aids to trade B. commerce C. exporting D. trade E. wholes
7. Which of these has sub-division of four parts from the above diagram?
A. Aids to trade B. Direct services C. Extractive business
D. Indirect services E. Trade
8. What does number one (1) represent in the diagram?
A. Aids to trade B. commerce C. Foreign trade D. Retailing E. Trade
9. Which of the following qualification is the minimum for a clerical Job?
A. Degree B. Diploma C. Junior school certificate D. primary school
Leaving certificate E. Senior school certificate
The day to day running of an organization is the function of —— department
A. accounts B. administrative C. personnel D. purchasing E. sales
11. Olofu sent an order to Omale in response to his letter 0f enquiry. Which of
the functions of the office has Olofu performed? ——- information.
A. Filing B. Giving C. Processing D. Receiving E. Safe-guarding
12. Handling information in the office involves all the following except
A. leaking B. processing C. receiving D. recording E. storing

13. Which of the following are divisions of home trade?
A. Private and Commercial B. Retail and commercial C. Wholesale and
Private D. Retail and private E. Wholesale and retail
Which of the following helps traders to sell more of their goods?
A. Advertising B. Banking C.Insurance D. Transportation
E. Warehousing.
15. Official communication is not the exchange of
A. ideas B. information C. jokes D. news E. opinion
16. The process of moving people and goods from one place to another is
A. advertising B. banking C. communication D. transportation
E. warehousing
17. The office is the centre of information because
A. information is received and given
B. it is a place where only payments are made
C. only enquiries are made in the office D. the manager works there
E. visitors are received there
18. An open office is an office that is
A. always opened B. meant for one person C. not to be used by
People D. reserved for visitors E. used by many people
The —– department is responsible for recruitment, discipline, promotion
and dismissal of staff.
A. account B. administrative C. marketing D. personnel
E. warehouse
20. The ——– department is responsible for planning, organizing and
supervising the marketing of a company�s products
A. finance B. personnel C. production D. purchase E. sales
21. When buying and selling involve other countries, it is referred to as
—– trade
A. consumer B. foreign C. home D. retail E. wholesale
22. Which of the following is not an aid to trade?
A. Advertising B. Banking C. communication D. insurance
E. Retailing
23. Re-exporting of goods brought into Nigeria to other countries is known
as ——- trade.
A. entreport B. export C. import D. retail E. wholesale
24. One major difference between home trade and foreign trade is that
A. both are not involved in buying and selling
B. foreign trade does not accept naira
C. home trade does not need advertising
D. home trade is only concerned with the production of raw
Materials E. only expensive goods are sold in foreign trade
Foreign trade consists of ——- parts
A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5 E. 6
26. The essential qualities of a clerical staff consists of the following except being
A. dishonest B. gentle C. honest D. polite E. smart
27. The —— department is responsible for preparing workers� wages.
A. accounts B. personnel C. production D. purchasing E. sales
28. Trade between two countries is known as —— trade
A. boundary B. foreign C. home D. local E. regional

29. The process through which new products are brought to the notice of the public
is known as
A. advertising B. commerce C. insurance D. transportation E. warehousing
30. How many types of office do we generally have in an organization?
A. Five B. Four C. Six D. Three E. Two
31. Which of these sections does not belong to personnel department?
A. interview programme B. promotion and discipline C. Re-assignment
Of staff D. staff training E. Wages and salaries
32. The two types of office layout are
A. open and close office B. small and large office C. open and small
Office D. large and closed office E. open and large office
33. Which of these is not true of the accounting department.?
A. It prepares and pays out wages and salaries to workers.
B. It ensures proper and judicious spending of resources
C. It is responsible for all tax issues relating to the organization
D. It settles all the company�s bills E. It ensures that goods are
Produced in the right quality and quantity.
34. ——- department is responsible for buying all the materials and equipment
needed by the organization.
A. Accounting B. sales C. purchasing D. Administrative
E. Personnel
35. The following are attributes of truthfulness except
A. consistent behaviour B. steadfastness C. straightforwardness
D. integrity E. Greed
36. Equity means
A. No secret agenda B. Respect C. No discrimination
D. Citizenship E. Responsibility
37. Playing honestly, fairly and according to the rule is called
A. Honesty B. Fair play C. integrity D. consistency E. equity
38. Which of these is not a Nigerian import?
A. Cocoa B. cars C. foreign shoes D. aircraft E. Foreign electronics
39. The following are components of business studies except
A. History B. commerce C. Book-keeping D. office practice
E. shorthand
40. People tell lies in order to
A. be trusted B. be fair C. be consistent D. make gain E. be frank

1a. State five components of Business studies.
What is Business studies?
Mention two career opportunities in Business studies.
2a. Define an Office
State the two types of office in an organization
List five functions of an office
3a. Who is a clerical staff?
State two personal qualities of a clerk.
Mention two functions of a clerk.
4a. List five departments that can be found in an organization
Mention five factors that make people to tell lies.
5a. What is commerce?
State two importance of commerce
Mention three aids to trade